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Democrats Now Claiming Romney Lied About His Bain Departure, Facts Disagree

Robert170 Wrote: Jul 12, 2012 8:15 PM
It is just as easy to say that Obama is a flaming pedo. Or not. We don't know (and we don't). This was a rumor I heard in the local Walmart check out line. Just as credible as the Globe's decade long DEBUNKED article. If Obama doesn't reign this stuff in, it will really get nasty. It works BOTH ways! SURELY Obama doesn't really think that a lot of voters that would not believe a smear, true or not, on him!

With millions out of work, the American growth and jobs pictures dimming, the cost of healthcare skyrocketing, and the national debt spiraling out of control, Democrats are exhibiting some rather strange priorities.  On a policy level, they're fixated on raising taxes on nearly one million small businesses (while blocking votes on their own party's proposals) in order to fuel class divisions.  On a political level, they're obsessed with baselessly speculating about Mitt Romney's foreign investments (while blithely