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One of the things here that REALLY concern me, is the attempt, ONCE AGAIN, of the Black Community anointing Sainthood on another wannabee thug. They are Trayvoning Brown. If these thugs (Trayvom Martin and Brown) are the best candidates for Sainthood the Black Community have to offer, they HAVE lost already. I had no verdict on the shooting, preferring to wait for the facts, but it becomes clearer and clearer that this was a righteous shooting, everyday. Now our Racist AG will still railroad this into a Civil Rights case. Sickening.
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Uncle Sam Needs DREAMers

Robert170 Wrote: May 23, 2014 6:58 AM
here we go with the Commie straw man "through no fault of their own" nonsense. I don't know who you are, but that is about as a "head in the sand" idea on this planet. PAY ATTENTION to this. I am not a fault EITHER. I didn't ask for them to be here, in fact I have been SCREAMING for this to stop for 3 decades. WHY in Gawd's name should my family and I sacrifice our prosperity and education opportunities for some illegal's kid? Charity is one thing, but giving MY taxpayer money to an Illegal kid is INSANE! You Communists just can't wrap your heads around the FACT that University seats are finite, at least not until YOUR kid can't get a seat. It's too late then. You Communists pay NO attention to the FACT that the USA Military turns down 80% of people applying to get in (just read that two days ago, Google it), yet these :"Dreamers" (more like nightmare BLOOD suckers) will get in front of the line. You Communists just refuse to THINK, even for a second, that there are 80 Million LEGAL Americans jobless (a record for American Unemployment, EVER!), while YOU want to bring in 25-30 Million ILLEGALS AND THEIR FAMILIES. (Harry Reid said just yesterday that it's all about Family Unification, something the Commiecrats have denied for 25 years). He let it slip while denigrating Cantor for not allowing the Enlist Act a vote,. Reid slipped up, as he is so apt to do.) Obama added an amendment to the Amnesty bill in 2007, that required "family unification", that was denounced by the gang of 8 as a poison pill and was voted down, oh yeah, and Hillary voted for that amendment, too. You Communists whine and cry about the Environment, while ignoring the burden that will be put on air pollution (been in Denver at 6:00 AM in mid summer? San Francisco? I have), fresh water (we are already hurting), landfills, energy costs (especially gasoline), food distribution, traffic jams, housing, and EVERY last thing we, as LEGAL Americans, rely on, when YOU want to bring in 25 to 30 MILLION illegals and their families. You Communists want to destroy American families (especially white Christian ones), and the White American Male in particular. (Only class of American that EVERY other minority is protected FROM. FACT!) not even realizing that most Liberal Communists are WHITE! Multiculturalism and Diversity is killing America, and YOU are one Happy Communist as that is exactly what you want to do. So when I say to you, "go straight to hades, do not pass go, blah blah blah", you know wher
Go away Kudlow, you are one stupid individual, Komrad.
The General Public doesn't get squat, they PAY for the leeches. You are one stupid individual.
Yeah, I am sure he's getting plenty of P in his P hole. Gotta be the sand.
hit the post button before I edited thiat. ONLY GETS out to He is ALWAYS around
This guy is delusional. Why do I say that? Because he's not actually lying as he really thinks this. Joltin' Joe on get sout to Ny, DC, and occasionally Forida. He is alwys around the loons that believe this, or want to believe it. He is insane, simple as that, and so are the people he hangs with.
What dolts like Chapman can't get through the fog is ANY "legalization" in response to an "Illegal Action" is AMNESTY. I am glad this Chapman dolt is irrelevant to this topic. Chapman, thank you for showing, once again, that lalaland dolts like yourself are INSANE! Thank you for your suuport.
He not only has NOTHING to stop Obama from destroying the Country, but has enabled every step Obama has made. Where have yOU been, dolt?
Uh, 5the article very explicitly says Boehner. Boehner has enabled Obama since Boehner became Speaker. READ for Gawds Sake!
BINGO, we have a winner!
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