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What dolts like Chapman can't get through the fog is ANY "legalization" in response to an "Illegal Action" is AMNESTY. I am glad this Chapman dolt is irrelevant to this topic. Chapman, thank you for showing, once again, that lalaland dolts like yourself are INSANE! Thank you for your suuport.
He not only has NOTHING to stop Obama from destroying the Country, but has enabled every step Obama has made. Where have yOU been, dolt?
Uh, 5the article very explicitly says Boehner. Boehner has enabled Obama since Boehner became Speaker. READ for Gawds Sake!
BINGO, we have a winner!
and AGAIN, here is that article you LIED and said wasn't on Townhall You have been outed, again, troll.
oh and just this once, I will search for you.
boy, this cut and paste thing you do is getting old. You have nothing else, so you try to post this trash as many times as possible. I just flagged it as SPAM!
hey libtotty FOCUS! The discussion is Landrieu, NOT Loksarn. And yes, there IS an article on that here, dolt. We know how you insane progressives play the game. Divert, denigrate, set up straw man arguments, ANYTHING but the issue as presented here. I, for one won't play your insane game, libtotty.
then why are you here, posting on an irrelevant site? you are an insane liar, no surprise
you couldn't tell it in person as an insane individual cannot explain another insane individuals thoughts. Simple as that. But, you put another bullet in the chart that shows how insane a progressive is, thank you for your support.
yeah, and he WAS an Obama supported. SO? It doesn't matter what you "need". Who are YOU to say what anybody "needs" That's pathological thinking, my friend. I would ask what other things that little voice in your head tells you what people "Need" but it's probably too vile to hear. Pathetic. I don't need firearms and ammo. I WANT firearms and ammo, can afford firearms and ammo, and it's NONE of your business, dolt! At least, when I got up this morning, this was America. But dolts like you around, I can't say about tomorrow, so maybe I DO need those firearms and ammo!
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