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Desperate much? You should be, Komrad, you should be.
Really? I have news for you, loony toons, it IS gone. By 2016, it will be done. Wait and see Bugsy, wait and see.
By the way folks, this isn't just about Landrieu. There are two Representative seats going to run off. One had the Dem at 28% while FIVE GOP had the rest. the other had the Dem at 30% with another Dem at 2.4%, and FOUR GOP with the rest. Take a guess what Party is taking those two seats on Dec 6. And one more GAIN for the GOP House! The other has a GOP incumbent. In fact, the Map is showing 7 more seats to the GOP for a total of 250. And a gain of 16, and gives the GOP the highest majority since FDR!
Oh Comrad, you KNOW her voters will be there? REALLY, LOL. Whatever that little voice in your head says, Comrad. Now I see why you are in denial. See you on Dec 7th., Commie.
you mean the THREE R's got well over. IF those votes go to the GOP, it's 56%. Comrade Ross? Don't be so ignorant. The GOP doesn't have to get all those voters in. I GUARANTEE you, more Conservatives will be at the polls Dec 6, than Democrats. And that is all it takes. Wanna bet on it? I'll take your 1st born.
Dumb or not, it's what her ideology actually believes. She is a PROUD Progressive, and Progressives/Socialists believe that Government creates all life as we know it. And Hilary, Keynesian Economics have failed. You people had better remember this. Like Obama, Hillary is telling you what she is going to do as POTUS. You didn't listen to Obama, either. Hows THAT working for you?
This is hilarious. And shows quite plainly the fear and desperation of Democrats. They are in full Flight mode for 2014. As bad as I detest the Uber RINO McConnell, he is still better than a lying, America hating Commie, by a long shot. The GOP has one final shot. If the RINOS don't lean right by 2016, the GOP is done. Not ONLY because I am tired of their nonsense, but because Millions of Conservatives are tired of their nonsense. We will hold our noses and give them the Senate, but, that will end in 2016. I guarantee it. There are too many Conservatives ready to drop the GOP right now, so don't expect this "have to elect a RINO to take the blah blah blah" BS, EVER again.
And that makes it OK for Democrats to lie, then? you are too stupid for words. I now realize your stupidity isn't worth my time. Carry on, you are a BIG help for Conservatives. thank you for your support.
LOL, yeah, you just keep telling yourself that. WAAAAY too funny, thanks for laugh, LOL.
One of the things here that REALLY concern me, is the attempt, ONCE AGAIN, of the Black Community anointing Sainthood on another wannabee thug. They are Trayvoning Brown. If these thugs (Trayvom Martin and Brown) are the best candidates for Sainthood the Black Community have to offer, they HAVE lost already. I had no verdict on the shooting, preferring to wait for the facts, but it becomes clearer and clearer that this was a righteous shooting, everyday. Now our Racist AG will still railroad this into a Civil Rights case. Sickening.
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