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NRA "Solutions" Are Straight Out of Hollywood

Robert160 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 3:39 PM
Mr. LaPierre is a strong defender of our natural rights, and of the U.S. Constitution; however, we now live in a society that is totally ignorant, and uses their emotions far more often than their brains. Many Americans have a "Lynch Mob" mentality. That is, kill them first first, then find out if they were innocent or guilty! Obviously, extremely violent movies, video games, and the lack of education has contributed to the coarsening of our society. Rap music with its violent lyrics, and demeaning imagery of woman to be used and abused has made our culture more violent. Mr. LaPierre could have made many suggestions. He could have even asked to speak with the President himself, at least it would have seemed to be diplomatic.
After a tragedy like the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn., the injection of anything short of seriousness into the subsequent public discourse about guns is touchy. But last week, the National Rifle Association blasted numerous rounds into that particular barrier with NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's mouth.

The organization's hysteric solution to gun violence in America is to put designated sitting ducks -- er, "armed police officers" -- in every American school. Apparently the secret is now out that such places are "gun-free," and LaPierre says that "(gun-free school zones) tell every insane killer in America...