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Yee Hah!!!
"I don't believe in throwing in the towel if that many votes are being counted," Quinn said, defiant. "We will never ever yield to a result until all the votes are in." Translation: We haven't even started to count the "dead people" votes yet.
Could this be part of Holders resignation?
She is not shooting "skeet". She is shooting trap. Big difference.
This is just beautiful!
War is not politically correct. People die, soldiers and civilians. You do not "manage" the enemy, you destroy them which is why we have not won an unconstitutional war since WWll.
Thanks for the web site!
The idea this guy is a heart beat away is very scarey.
This is not a crime, it is an act of war so hit them with all we've got. Want to use the roads for a convoy? Kiss your a*s goodby!
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