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How Republicans Can Find Themselves

Robert128 Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 7:13 AM
Like she said - Ron Paul has been 100% consistent and constitutional for over 30 years. Consistent statesmen are out there, you just need to do your research and ignore the media, pundits, and websites like this one. Maybe if town hall hasn't been 90% against Ron Paul during the primaries, we could have nominated him and won the election, but instead Town Hall was NeoCon Central. The supposedly conservative media has to take responsibility for their part in this loss too - every time they called Romney "the front-runner" even though he was losing straw polls and polling lower nationally then candidates like Ron Paul, they were contributing to this embarrassing loss.
And more recently in post Katrina New Orleans... People can fantasize about making a stand, but they aren't going to announce when they come, and it's going to be a squad in body armor. Almost better to just report your ARs stolen now and bury them with some ammo in the back yard for a few months...
Romney only recently joined the NRA for the 2008 election season, and while he was in Massachusetts he signed into law a permanent assault weapons ban just as bad as the federal one. While Obama is terrible, Romney has actually hurt 2nd amendment rights more. That's just facts...
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Romney's Convention Bounce

Robert128 Wrote: Sep 04, 2012 10:01 AM
Romney probably got such a small bump because of all the dirty stuff the RNC and Romney campaign did at the convention, unseating duly elected delegates and changing the rules as they went. I'm sure quite a few Republicans are now looking at the Republican party and wondering if they really want to be a party of a party where the leadership nominates whoever they want regardless of who the members want nominated. If Romney cheats this much just to get nominated, what's he going to do if he actually gets elected to a position of power?
Actually he's been elected 12 times, which is more than ANY of the other candidates. I'd have to check but he may have been elected to national office more times than all of the other candidates have been elected to *any* office... COMBINED.
Actually we don't live in a Democracy, and thank god we don't. If you want to understand why no Ron Paul supporter feels bad about using the Republican rules to win the nomination, all you have to do is look at how the GOP and the media have treated Ron Paul this election cycle. From day 1 the media and the GOP have been saying things like "If Ron Paul wins Iowa than you should look at whoever comes in 2nd place", and have completely skipped over the polls that show Ron Paul doing better than Romney in head-to-head competition against Obama. The media has been doing their best to push Romney, and the GOP has been caught *cheating* in your so-called "democratic" contests to make sure Romney wins. So you will get no sympathy...
First of all, Ron Paul isn't a Libertarian, he's a Constitutional Republican. That's why he's won 11 terms as a Republican in the House. Secondly, what Ron Paul wants to do is limit the federal government to what it was SUPPOSED to do based on the constitution. There is a very short list of tasks the Federal Government is *authorized* to perform, and 85% of what they are doing now is unconstitutional. Our currently federal government has basically BROKEN one of the mechanisms that allowed American Exceptionalism, which is the competition between states that allows the best ideas to rise to the top. The answer is to eliminate all of the unconstitutional Federal agencies like the Department of Education, TSA, DEA, BATFE, etc.
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The Washington Post Bullies Romney

Robert128 Wrote: May 16, 2012 8:09 AM
I thought that story was important. An incident like this shows something about the personality of a person. And it's not like a bunch of boys pinned down a kid and all started cutting his hair, and Mittens was just one of those boys. It's pretty clear from the account that Romney was the LEADER of that group of boys. So yes he likes to be a leader, but what kind of leader? Now I know some people are going to say "that's a long time ago and he's probably changed since then, after all he changes his position on everything else", but I don't buy that. Bullying is one of those things that is a fundamental part of your personality. Ron Paul was a popular athlete, but you could NEVER imagine HIM doing something like that.
Ron Paul has about 200 and Romney has nearly 700. This site is much closer than the inaccurate numbers from the associated press, but it still doesn't count quite a few that Ron Paul won already.
Hmmm... You missed the part where Ron Paul is dominating Romney in the delegate caucuses where Romney can't seem to get any of his "supporters" to come out. The media keeps telling me Romney has supporters, but I don't see them at any of the rallys where Ron Paul gets 10x as many supporters as Romney, and I certainly didn't see them at the delegate elections, where you can't cheat because the votes are counted in the open.
It's not hijacking - Romney supporters are invited to caucuses too. If Romney did so well in the general election than he should *easily* win the delegate elections. So why isn't he Ronald? You might want to focus on that, instead of trying to blame Ron Paul for your own weak candidate's failings.
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