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Portuguese FM Admits Stimulus Flop- Don’t Wait for Obama to do Same

Robert125 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 7:17 AM
There are no good explanations for where the governments of this world are headed, socialism does not work, has never worked, except for the elites and it only works for them until what ever society they are trying to run collapses. Have you ever noticed that the "so called leaders" never seem to suffer any of the pain that the rank and file suffers. They continue with their life style of the rich and famous while re-distributing the wealth of others. I am not opposed to those that have accumulated wealth, I am opposed to those that have accumulated wealth and try and tell me how to live, and that I must suffer because another idiot is not smart enough or too lazy to take care of themselves.

President Obama imposed a big-spending faux stimulus program on the economy back in 2009, claiming that the government needed to squander about $800 billion to keep the unemployment rate from rising above 8 percent.

How did that work out? One possible description is that the so-called stimulus became a festering pile of manure. About three years have passed, and the joblessness rate hasn’t dropped below 8 percent. But the White House has been sprinkling perfume on that pile of you-know-what and claiming that the Keynesian spending binge was good policy.

But not every politician is blindly ideological like...

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