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That is his goal, to reduce the population of this country to government slaves.
This is what happens when government turns to socialism, all of the oxygen is sucked out of the economy
The government will always meddle and muss, just to keep them selves in power, a president changing laws that he has no authority to change, is the earmark of a dictator. This country is in serious trouble with this fool at the helm. Of course those on the receiving end of all of the largess will flood me with hate mail,, no matter, when it all collapses they will have to fend for themselves, which they do not seem able to do, and will pass away.
There is no limit to government greed, sooner or later they will all collapse because of it. They need to learn to live withing their means, but they will not.
Control of the citizens, that is the end game, and they are accomplishing that at an amazing rate,
But it it is bringing the country down
Amazing the terms that come out of government meddling, "virtuous circle", what a crock.
That libertarian was a dumbocratic plant, to steal votes
Just another one of his pushes to destroy the country, no longer the economy, now it is the country. Guess he wants to be obama the first, king of never never land
Typical reaction from the far left
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