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The United Kingdom Is Royally (Bleeped)

ROBERT117 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 5:07 PM
People who don't work for anything have no problem looting, and destroying property of others. Welfare states create large numbers of people who don't have to work to survive. In fact the london riots showed me that they engage in a particularly sick form of blackmail, "If you don't support me and my illegitimate children, I'll tear everything down"

The United Kingdom has a magnificent history and has produced great leaders.

I get inspired, for instance, when I watch these Margaret Thatcher speeches about “public money” and “the poor poorer.” Sort of the same feeling I get when I watch the Gipper talking about Washington being a “company town” and the “unnecessary and excessive growth of government.”

But just as the United States has devolved by moving over time from Reagan to Obama, the United Kingdom has degenerated by going...

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