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David Gregory's Props and Pomposity

ROBERT104 Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 10:37 AM
Just for kicks and giggles lets say that 1,000 - no 5,000 people each got two of this 30 round clips and tied them around their necks like a scarf and publically displayed them for the month of January. Do you think the police would arrest one - just one - any one. Nope. They set a precedent when Gregory was not arrested or charged. The trough-rough ande gruff police would melt like butter over a hot flame. Washington D.C. doesn't want this to go to court as they know that the courts will throw out this law just like they did for the right to bear arms for D.C. residents.
The D.C. police investigation of NBC hotshot David Gregory for waving around an empty ammo magazine on "Meet the Press" easily proves two things. First, D.C.'s "ammunition control" laws are ridiculous. But more importantly, once again, we find the arrogance of the national press knows no boundaries.

Let us stipulate that this kind of law is just plain stupid. Empty ammo magazines are less threatening than mosquitoes. The point is, however, that liberals like David Gregory do subscribe to this kind of idiotic law -- for everyone else.

Was Gregory so ignorant that he didn't know he was breaking...