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"We don't want no violence. Michael would have wanted no violence. We need justice for our son." --Brown's father. Is this the same Michael that grabbed the store owner by the neck and pushed him into a product rack after the store owner tried to protect his property? I thought not.
Do I get this straight? Black males are totally at the mercy of whitey and cannot possibly hope to ever climb out of the cesspooll? Sorry. black males have CREATED the world they live in....hence looting tv's instead of trying to live up to a new standard.
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Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?

Robert102 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 11:41 AM
I noticed that the author failed to mention that per capita, blacks commit MORE crimes than whites. Failing to mention that fact probably just slipped the mind, huh? You and your article loses ALL credibility.
The reporter from Pull HO should still be in jail for being a liberal misfit...
Face it. Our President is a pos.
Bend over Bloombers...I love it!!
I read this and threw up my breakfast...
What the hell is a Russell Brand??
You are an independent beeyatch? Never would have guessed....
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