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The Troubles with Common Core

Rob Cunningham Wrote: Apr 24, 2014 11:22 AM
Why do 70% - 80% of Americans no virtually nothing about Common Core? This glaring gap of ignorance is our amazing opportunity to lead, message and influence. We are waking up Georgia, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-G7GUDCO8 We are waking up America, here: www.AboutCommonCore.com Thank you, Rick Santorum. Keep fighting.
Let's please be consistent. If we do NOT want government defining Marriage because it's "none of their business" then these same advocates must agree to STOP the government from defining Education. Whose educational standard is right? Federals goons want to define when life begins, what a Marriage should be, what a "good" education is, who can own a gun, plus thousands of other issues. Do we choose these by 1) arbitrary, popular vote, direct democracy methods (this would not reflect a representative republic), 2) dictated from on high by a King (Obama's dream), or 3) based on a generally agreed upon set moral standards that have served as the basis of our constitutional founding? Beware altering the DNA of our nation's constitution.
Bravo, brilliant, bold & blatantly obvious. Clear, continuous, creative communications that connect the spirit of truth with a relevancy that impacts people "right where they are." This message isn't about pandering, schmoozing or deceiving. It's a message about messaging and love has a tone. Our nation's Christian-Judeo formation was born out of love, truth, grace, oneness. Without a proper tone existing in one's messaging, the intended content, no matter how factually accurate, will never be received. Case in point: Angry, violent, hateful OWS whack-a-doodles will never effectively get rational people to hear their message as long as the threaten, spit, intimidate & shout. Reagan's "Happy Warrior" blueprint offers the way forward.
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