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Impeaching Himself, Period

Rob Constitution Wrote: Nov 10, 2013 6:15 PM
Either his word means nothing, in which case, he is an absolute failure as a leader and should be followed by no one, or his word means what it means and he must accept the full responsibility and consequences for his words. I do not understand how this man continues to get a pass by so many. He should be impeached, should have been some time ago.
This is all "whatever" unless and until the voting public takes back control of OUR government and votes all of these imperialists out of office. Alas, it appears we reached the critical mass in 2012 where enough of our voters are one or both of two things...Ignorant, Complicit.
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Race-Hustling Results

Rob Constitution Wrote: Oct 28, 2013 3:25 PM
Wonderfully said!!!!
None of this matters unless and until "we the people" take back our government. I frankly don't care anymore what the house, senate and King Obamanable say or do. They are all liars and panderers. The dems have the best strategy. Bull$(!* talking points that play well in 10 second snippets and keep the dullards of our country (I'm convinced it's more than 50% of the population) just ignorant enough to believe what the dems are shoveling. Keeps them in office year after year. If we had an educated voter base in America, dems/libs would have no place at the table. That party has become so anti-American it is unrecognizable as compared to whatever its well-intentions were decades, if not, centuries ago. It boils down to two or three critical concepts that the dem voting block in this country has bought into hook, line and sinker. The "rich" can fund everything the govt. wants to and should give you. You can be comfortable and lazy. You are a victim, but we can fix that. The ideal scenario for the conservative approach is every benefits from prosperity (a rising tide raises all ships). The more people who are self-sufficiently prosperous, the more successful the conservative ideology. Conversely, the ideal liberal scenario is only achievable if a significant portion of our society is dependent on the govt. So one party succeeds through success. The other party succeeds through failure. I will never understand why anyone would want someone else to make decisions for them rather than make them on their own. I personally believe I care more about my self-interests than anyone else on the planet, foremost any politician. This country's government is a joke top to bottom, side to side!
She should be recalled just for her comments to Collins alone.
Obamanable is so far and away the worst and most hypocritical President this country has ever seen it is boggling to the mind. The degree to which he ignores the constitution, the degree to which he engages in illegal acts and the degree to which he is in oppostion to all that made this country great for nearing 250 years is beyond my ability to grasp. There must be a growing population who believes he should be impeached on grounds of treason. After all, his vow was to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic and uphold the constitution. He has done the opposite on both counts.
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The Shutdown's Silver Lining

Rob Constitution Wrote: Oct 04, 2013 4:52 PM
Every comment, quip, quote, etc. doled out by a dem/lib regarding this being the republicans' fault, should be asked a few questions. 1) Doesn't any negotiation require at least two participants, and, therefore, at least two equally responsible for the process and results? You can't blame one and not the other. 2) Why was and is it okay for the WH to offer exemptions and/or delays to employers and other chosen few, but when the house asks for a delay for all, they are scorched by libs/dems? 3) Isn't your stance that the Affordable Care Act, shown to have numerous flaws and repeatedly shown to be disliked by the majority of us "constituents," either proof of your ignorance of us constituents or proof of your active effort to further weaken liberty and freedom? 4)How do you justify government employees and other select individuals being exempt from a law that you say is good for all while bemoaning the attempt by the house to either defund or delay?
Here is a ultimatum that will blow the heads off the libs...if the exemptions are removed Obamacare will get funded. Use their own tactics against them. You cannot say how great the ACA is in one breath and then give exemptions to a chosen few (chosen because of lobbying strength, connections, wealth, all of the above, etc.) because the ACA is detrimental. Which one is it. Another hypocrisy perpetrated by the left. So which one is it, dem-controlled senate and exemptions but funding, or exemptions but no funding? Can't have both. Feel free to be intelligent republican reps!
I love how government dolts (is that redundant?) can't balance a budget, can't fund our public pensions, get busted repeatedly for graft, fraud, embezzlement, etc. but somehow they know how much net financial gain gay marriage will produce for the state. It would be an exercise in hilarity to see what facts and non-facts they chose to include or ignore to come up with that conclusion.
Polygamists are real people with real feelings. Why draw any line?
These people already are recognized equally by law. They have the exact same right to marry a member of the opposite sex as every other citizen. As a country, we have been trampling all over traditional family values for decades now. Our abandonment of family values has led to more poverty, more crime, more welfare, more immoral/amoral behavior, a weaker work ethic, a stagnant life expectancy, millions of babies aborted each year, more single parent families, more gang activity, more ignoring our country's original core values, etc. Gay marriage is another example of our country forsaking morals and values. Nobody is stopping gay people from their lifestyle, but gay marriage has no business being recognized and condoned by any form of our government! For those who think it does, why doesn't the same argument apply for polygamy, bestiality and any other "alternative" lifestyle wanting recognition from our government in the form of marriage?
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