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I'd like to hear someone ask her on record to explain how she can tell this story in two totally different frames of reference. Did it please you or was it racist? You can't have it both ways. Of course our media and liberals have been allowing her and her husband to have most everything any way they want it for years now. I have zero respect for either of them, based on the content of their character!
I don't think they see through the prism of racism; they see through the prism of opportunism. It helps their cause and their pocketbook to peddle racism.
Slippery slope here. If the manufacturer of something/anything is culpable for the misuse of the product by someone, than here is a beginning list of additional lawsuits you would expect to see... Forks/Spoons for making people fat Knives used in violent crimes Farmers for providing food that makes people fat The fast food industry for making people fat Cigarettes for giving people lung cancer and other diseases Oh wait, ALL of these are suits that have been filed, some numerous times.
I wonder how someone who is pro-abortion can claim to be against murder. If a human being is killed, after birth, it is a crime and we all agree on that. If a fetus, from the point of conception on, is left to develop, it results in a human being. Thus, abortion is murder.
After 6 years of Obamanable, I think it is past due to impeach him. On what charges? On one or more of hundreds! In the meantime, I'm quite tired of hearing and reading about him dismissing facts, feigning ignorance, lying, acting defiant, belittling us, etc. If, as a citizenship, we don't actually do something about it, we deserve what we get. I implore everyone to write their senators and house representatives communicating their desired direction for this country. If that occurs, I believe they will have no choice but to act, as the vast majority of those who do write, if polls are any indication, will express a conservative vision. I specifically implore everyone to ask for Obamanable's impeachment!
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The Willfully Ignorant

Rob Constitution Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 12:00 PM
Making an effort to champion the truth and live an ethical and moral life is a responsibility. When we, as a society lead mainly by our liberally-biased media and power hungry politicians, rebuked personal and societal responsibility, we got exactly what we asked for. All this rhetoric is meaningless unless and until we, as a society, insist again on truth and personal responsibility. In the meantime our country's decay will continue, probably to the extent of irretrievable collapse.
Any journalist who utters the phrase, "they were kind of hard to get in touch with," and then offers as an example their outdated web page, should be taken for what he/she is...a complete hack with a personal agenda rather than an ethical and moral commitment to truth.
Why is there not a distinction between policy violations and criminal violations? It would seem to me that what should be the appropriate process is for our criminal justice system to conduct the investigation and proceed with arrests, trials, etc. if necessary. UVA should have NO jurisdiction when it comes to crimes committed against city, county, state or federal law. As for Rolling Stone, consider the source...possibly the most far-left liberal pulp publication in our country. One wonders if a white male would be taken as credible by Rolling Stone or the liberal media if he spoke up about an injustice committed against him, such as a violent crime committed by a woman or minority.
I ask anyone who wants to discuss politics rationally, this question: Would you rather make your own decisions or have someone else, who doesn't know you, make your decisions for you? Invariably the answer is make their own decisions and is followed by a look as if I have three heads. Then I wait for the proverbial light bulb above their head to appear.
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Negotiating With Terrorists

Rob Constitution Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 11:54 AM
"The five have been shipped to Qatar. President Obama says the Qatari government has assured him they will be subjected to security restrictions and won't be a threat to the U.S." Obama continues to prove how irretrievably stupid he is. I don't understand how much more damage he needs to do the U.S. to be impeached!
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