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It is time for all of us to give the federal government, and the IRS, the middle finger. Let them try and jail 150 million american taxpayers. That won't go over so well.
Las Vegas is hurting financially. I beg of all you conservatives to not visit there and spend your money on these idiots that keep voting this absolute POS into office. Put them out of business, and put Harry in the dirt.
Blow the effing criminal liars up.
As we (conservatives) have said sine the beginning, Obama is out to destroy the country he hates (America), and is doing a superb job. It is a shame we are allowing him to keep on trucking.
I want my share back, you effing POS Obama, and all of you effing POS union mafiosos. Why is this not on the news every night, every hour, every minute of every day? Why isn't someone beating down Obamas door and getting answers on this criminal travesty?
When are you effing criminals going to admit that these people are here illegally, and they are criminals that deserve not even a crumb of bread? Doesn't matter how you feel. Feelings are irrelevant. The law is the law, so follow it before you really start pissing me off.
This is what is so aggravating. Obama knows what he does is illegal. He does it anyway, and by the time the lawsuits come around, it is to late to reverse it. This is why he needs to be impeached and jailed for life.
String his terrorists joining a r s e up also.
I still think that a good old a r s e kicking goes a long way. George needs his.
Just arrest the illegal alien criminal protesters while they are in one large group. It is the law you cowards. You don't mind arresting legal taxpaying citizens for minor offenses, but you refuse to enforce the law equally, as it is written. You should all be in GITMO awaiting your death sentences.
You're way behind. I cancelled 3 years ago, and they yelled at me on the phone because they asked why I wanted to cancel, and I said they were liberals. Really, the woman started yelling at me until I told her to eff off and hung up.
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