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That illegal state law does not trump the US Constitution. Why are law abiding citizens not protesting (minus the looting of course) by the thousands?
Criminals. All of them. It may be time to make our own justice. The outlaws in government have no one to answer to. We need to make them answer. I'm not opposed to water boarding to get answers. That is what we do to terrorists. These criminals in DC are no different than terrorists, and are mostly worse.
So they charge a governor with abuse of power, yet Obama, Holder, Lerner, and the rest nothing?
How about from here on out, you just start telling me when Obama follows the Constitution.
You Mother F**kers have lost your GD mind if you think I'm going to pay for a criminals education. Whoever says otherwise needs to be shot in the head. I struggle to put my kids in private school now because the public schools in my area are horrible, yet I still have to pay taxes for the public schools. Now you expect me to pay for non citizen criminals? Are you out of your f**king mind? We should all just stop paying federal taxes immediately. Let us financially shut down the federal criminals.
Any liberal that is against having to prove you are a legal voter, is a treasonous criminal, and should have their citizenship revoked, and be banished from ever returning. If caught returning, then instant death. There is only one reason to be against voter ID, and that is to keep fraud rampant in elections.
Wouldn't a war with liberals be satisfying?
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

Rob93 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 7:30 PM
Yes! And so have I.
I foresee a war far bloodier than the Civil War, and for damn good reason. Unless of course no one cares about freedom, or the greatest (once) country ever.
Go ahead, then all American citizens will act unilaterally taking care of business that has to be done.
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