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“This is a full assault on the franchise of voting,” said state NAACP President Rev. William Barber." William, do your people (blacks of course) have to show an ID to get their free medication paid for by taxpayers? Do they have to show an ID to write a check? Do they have to show an ID to use their credit cards? Do they have to show their ID to apply for government benefits? Why that would be a yes to all, and more, so shove that hindrance bulls**t up your a r s e. It appears that you are calling your own people worthless, lazy, criminal, scum, if they can't be bothered to pull out a valid ID to vote, or to go and get a free one. Is that what you are saying William, Head of the NAACP in NC?
Thugs of America, keep shooting and killing all the other thugs in America. As long as you do not kill innocent, law abiding citizens, you're doing citizens a huge favor.
Eric Holder needs a dirt nap. Suing states to stop voter ID, under the guise that it will keep "minorities" from voting, while he is doing it so that fraud can remain in elections, is worthy of the death penalty.
Face it folks, there are no Democrats in this country any longer. There are only liberal terrorists. They are terrorists against the Constitution of the United States. The media, the government, the illegal aliens, the welfare takers, they are all equal to any terrorist that wants to destroy our freedom. In fact, they are far worse than those responsible for bombing the twin towers. Any tolerance for what is going on in this country is unacceptable.
Let me remind you you POS oath breaker. There are three branches of government for a reason. So criminals like yourself can't destroy this country. If you use executive orders to circumvent the law again, you deserve the firing squad. You have made it so that 1/2 of Americans are not working. You have run up the debt to over 17 trillion dollars, you have broken, and not enforced the laws of this nation. So how are these illegal aliens going to find work, when there are no jobs? You just plan on adding them to the welfare crowd, you know, the ones that vote for pieces of s**t like yourself.
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IRS Admits Wrongdoing, Fined $50,000

Rob93 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 5:50 PM
Boy, that will teach them. They are forced to pay a penalty to someone with taxpayers money. Not their own money. What a nice thing to be a government criminal, I meant employee.
Proof that government has gotten to big, has too much power, and all are criminals. Why am I forced to pay my hard earned money to criminals? I guess because criminals steal from you, and that is what the IRS is doing.
It would only take about one month if you would arrest all involved, without bail, until they produce the evidence or testify under oath.
Aliens, aliens, aliens. Illegal, lawbreaking, criminal, POS, aliens. That is what they are. American citizens can't leave and return to our country, where we pay taxes, without a passport, but these criminals in DC open the floodgates for these criminals. Once again, the Obama admin is breaking the law. Burn them all.
The liberals have been after Walker since day one. Digging up anything they can find to get rid of him. Notice how they refuse to put forth 1/10 the effort when one of their own blatantly breaks the law. Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Rangel, Lois Lerner, Maxine Waters, the list goes on and on. What a complete travesty the liberals have turned this country into. I guess that is what we get for allowing them to go against the Constitution, and get their way. Freedom is dead. I'm still willing to fight to the death to get our country back though, but I am just one man.
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