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You're way behind. I cancelled 3 years ago, and they yelled at me on the phone because they asked why I wanted to cancel, and I said they were liberals. Really, the woman started yelling at me until I told her to eff off and hung up.
Look here "White" House. Stop taking my money and giving it to idiots that don't have any morals. The idiots you redistribute my money to, will never learn responsibility for their idiotic actions if you keep handing them my money.
While the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and I love it more than anything, I think that if you are in prison, you forfeit your rights, except the due process law. Th only right you should have is a right to a fair trial, and the right to bread and water. Other than that, you can eff off.
His tweet was not an indirect swipe at Chris Kyle. It was a purposfull direct slam of him. He can lie his fat a r s e off all he wants, but we know what a liberal, scum, POS he is.
THe fact that there is even a death tax at all, proves that the criminals in DC need to be physically removed, and every ridiculous law made null and void. If Obama executive orders this 60% death tax, I may very well drive to DC myself and kick the s**t out of him. Every dime of the death tax, has already been taxed. You greedy pieces of dung can't control yourselves. Get all of the fraud out of every program you run, and you would never need another dime in taxes. When my family dies, and if they leave me anything, you will never get a dime of it. You are criminals.
Presidential Memorandum = Executive Order. So he just decided that us taxpayers wanted to pay for all federal employees to have six weeks paid vacation because they chose to get pregnant? Well kiss my a r s e. I'm sick of the bulls**t.
I won't comply with that. Your lazy liberals don't want to work now. They call in sick every month. If you think I'm going to pay them for calling in sick, well you've got another thing coming. Obama has never run a business, and he thinks he can run one better than me? Obama, I hope you read this. F**k YOU!
This biotch should be executed on live television.
That is right. So stop crying and bring up impeachment already. Even if you don't get the votes, it at least shows you still give a rats a r s e about the Constitution and the rule of law.
I say we veto Obama's election. This criminal POS is going to veto a bill that stops his illegal action. Does that not make you want to drive to DC and remove this POS yourselves?
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