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I wish we still used the guillotine.
I believe that the states need to send in the National Guard to arrest this criminal Obama. I also believe that 50 to 100 million americans need to storm DC and throw Obama in jail. The states also need to refuse to follow this illegal order (it's not a law) and deport them anyway. To all business owner of America, please do not hire a single one of these criminals.
I think all of the states should send in the National Guard to arrest this criminal.
Health Care is a right? Really?? What a twisted mind J Moore. All these tweets just made my stomach turn.
Impeaching this liar is too light of a sentence for this POS. Arrest him NOW!
Obama should be tried for accessory to murder for writing an ILLEGAL executive order that goes against current US law, which has allowed this murder to take place. Obama knew that these illegals were criminals, yet he set them free. If that is not a punishable crime, then this is no longer a land of laws.
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VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Rob93 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 10:17 PM
Pigvomit Pelosi needs a slow drip IV filled with antifreeze.
Someone end this misery please.
It's you idiots (putting it nicely) that wrote the executive order, which allowed a POS criminal like Obama to come along, and abuse it. First order of business is to write a law banning executive orders unless it strictly has to do with a war decision. Second order of business is to fire all of yourselves.
The criminal Harry Reid's mouth and throat must be very, very sore.
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