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It always ends up coming out of the consumer's pocket sooner or later. There is a very true adage that you cannot tax a corporation. They might pay the taxes, but not before collecting the cash from their customers.
I guess I'll have to go back to needles and say goodbye to my insulin pump. Never mind that this little device has vastly improved my A1C's and as a result my long term prognosis overall. I suppose it will achieve the overall goal of ObamaCare by helping me to die earlier.
Attack the messenger. Well done. I for one have withheld ANY contributions whether time or money from any candidate that attacks his opponent's family, religious affiliation, or any other issue related to anything other than the job for which he is asking. Can you say the same?
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The Week in Liberal Stupid

Rob4009 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 4:48 PM
Wouldn't it be wonderful if the only job Smith could get was at Chic-Fil-a?
Toothpaste doesn't go back into the tube very easily, eh Mr. President?
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