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European Splintering Escalates: Dutch Government Falls; Slovakia Government Collapsed in March; Czech Government Collapse Coming Right Up

Rob34 Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 9:58 PM
Don't bet on it, unless superior officers are willing to take command. All military follow orders whether they like them or not, until it dawns on them all what is really taking place. Then it's called mutiny. If commanders take the lead, it's called a "coup". It boggles my mind to think something like that would take place, but BO has already taken the step to issue an Executive Order on March 16th that he can declare martial law in a peacetime environment. He doesn't have to lose the election if he executes his so called plan before the election which would cancel elections forever. Robert125 is right on track.

The Netherlands government has officially collapsed in a dispute over austerity measures. Elections likely in September. Meanwhile, the Czech government is also on the verge of collapse, for the same reason: austerity measures.

The Financial Times reports Dutch government falls over budget talks

The Dutch governing coalition collapsed on Saturday when far-right politician Geert Wilders pulled out of budget cut talks, saying it was not in the Netherlands’ interest to meet the deficit limit of three per cent imposed by the new European fiscal pact.

EU-imposed austerity measures have cost leaders in southern European countries, including Greece, Italy and Spain, their...