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The 14th Victim at Fort Hood

Rob244 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 12:14 AM
How about a SPEEDY trial? WHEN will they rule on this, after we are all in the grave in 30 years? Lack of a speedy trial on this is itself another Obamination.

I have written recently of President Obama's "covert zeal" for the spread of abortion. I took that phrase from Abraham Lincoln's description of how President Franklin Pierce and Sen. Stephen A. Douglas sought--covertly--to spread slavery in the 1850s. In that column, I noted specific actions of this president to advance abortion-on-demand and to force us all to pay for it. []

Now, I want to focus on something Mr. Obama is not doing. He is not charging Nidal Hasan, the accused Fort Hood killer, with violation of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (UVVA). This law was passed and signed...