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Great post, and I agree, it's ugly for USA
This has been known for days, what a lie "not enough notice"! What would they do if we had a major terrorist attack, say they needed more time to notify the nation? But handling an invasion from Mexico is no big news?
It's the middle class that is PAYING for all this, you rotten communist. Stop redistributing MY money that *I* work for.
Emergency rooms are required to take you any time you walk in, no charge if you are illegal or poor. You have better coverage than working Americans making over $23,000
You need to see a doctor for your mental condition, based on your statement
I don't think he has any sense to come to - at least no common sense, that's for certain. He's chock full of NONsense
They won't do that, they'll let him go on his own recognizance, like the peeps (or is it perps) from South of the Border with diseases that they ask to check in a month later, and like Duncan's family was unwatched for days.
You are absolutely correct, but drat it, I estimated it on my own 3 days ago at $670,000 - keep watching, we aren't done with the expenses yet- and just from Duncan, 1 guy.
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