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Race and Freedom

Rob244 Wrote: May 04, 2014 4:45 PM
I listened to the ENTIRE tape recording of an inebriated Sterling to his manipulating girlfriend. I didn't hear anything I would consider racist, his entire rant was about keeping public appearances proper to keep people from talking trash and giving him a hard time as a result. The race baiters really are blowing this up and spinning it hard. We better give the protected classes of people more everything, to make up for this horrible horibble thing that has happened!
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Another Company Abandons California

Rob244 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 3:50 AM
I am almost to retirement, as soon as I am, I'm leaving! Just 3-5 years more. Can't wait, I've had it with these loonies running the state, it USED to be a great place to live.
Your logic Rjeremy is amazing. Who could argue such a well defended reply. Please refrain from name calling or don't post.
LOL! Good summary, great poster!
Why is it we can't endanger a stupid snail darter for hydropower, but can kill dozens of endangered birds for a tiny bit of windpower? And the same is true for these solar plants in the desert, frying birds. It's wrong. And hypocritical. Time to do AWAY with the EPA!
They may be in it just for the $, but wow, millions of dems are dumber than oDumbo, the Illustrious Nobel Peace Prize Winner? Frackin unbelieveable, but maybe possible! Imagine Whirled Peas /|\
TROLL ALERT: IdiotBrain (aka BetterBrain) is spamming again who's talking about Carlson?
what r u peeps bitchin about? life is great here in SF area where obama always visits. apple, microsoft, intel, google, yahoo, linked-in, and housing prices are all up up up. houses sell over asking price, in less than 4 days now, and they start as low as $650K for 1000 sq ft 50 yr old house on small lot in middle class area. university areas of course run much more. its wunderful. they say the state is bankrupt but no one I meet cares. i bet its just like this in dc too, too bad the rest of u dont live here
As long as you remember YOU didn't build that, you are beloved of Mr Hussein
Thanks for bring that up, too many sheeple forget the GREAT, MAGNIFICENT Wizard of OZ GORE and his invention! Gore for Prez... one... more... time!!
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