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Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder. Doc Savage said it, he was right
EVERY drug has side effects. Even drinking too much WATER will KILL you. So what special tests did your doc make to make sure BC was safe for you? I'll tell you: Nothing. It's a scam. It's YOUR life, read the label, and do as you wish, keep GOVT out.
I think you misread- Romney never made it to the White House. Slow down and read, or chill a bit, that's not what DWinch implied or said!.
Did you happen to see the golf ball fall out of his pocket, roll away from the podium? His gloves were in his back pockets!
EXACTLY right. Nero had similar speech writers- not ONE word of this did Obama actually pen himself- and none of it does he believe, he FIRST and ALWAYS a LIAR You'd have to be on serious drugs or incredibly naive or maybe just mentally disordered to believe this traitor.
We'll see? You have to wait and see some more? I've seen enuf, this animal, whatever Obama is, doesn't change his spots!
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The Problem With The Right Part 2

Rob244 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 3:45 PM
everyone 'knows' - leaders, scientists, the great minds of Civilization, that Evolution is a FACT, that the Bible is 'clearly' wrong on many facts, they men are children of Apes. Or is it wales, or chimps? No matter, we know the Bible is irrelevant and that sex is a whole lot of fun, so start young. And when we die, there is no God to give account to. What I just wrote is what has been TAUGHT in EVERY school for over 3 decades now. In every grade, on every TV nature show, for year after year. It's a miracle there are any Christians among our young- by that I mean those under 40.
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