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Sharpton: The Only Working Paul Ryan Does Is Working Out--"We Gotcha!"

Rob 1948 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 10:38 AM
Let's see....Al Sharpton.....Wasn't he that dullard com mun iist slug who rushed to Florida following the Travon Martin shooting and attempted (unsuccessfully) to ignite a race riot?

Alright, I laughed by butt off at the end of this segment. Sharpie Sharp really sold it with his look into the camera along with the dramatic point. Very funny. Who knows if he believes what he is saying but I enjoyed the entertainment value. Bonus points go out to the race hustler for not bringing up any "blame whitey" topics too!

My suggestion to Paul Ryan would be to switch to crossfit, the workouts are better and you would save yourself from any humiliating "X" poses.