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You are going to have to get off the fence. Either you are for principled leadership that will defend our Liberty as guaranteed by the Constitution, or you are for the "calm" march straight toward our demise. Being a "true believer" has nothing to do with personal "hate". The difference between Reagan and TEA is Tip O'Neil. Reagan was the standard bearer for Barry Goldwater's "modern Conservatism". Reagan would have been as stalwart and resolute as Cruz, but for the fact that Reagan has to administer past a solid Democrat House and Senate. We live in different times. The only thing that has prevented our unimpeded free fall into tyranny has been TEA. So, come on in for the big win and stand with what is left of Conservatism. Keep Calm and Vote TEA
This is happening all over and in every service. People are pouring on with an agenda that is other than service to the country through the military job they signed up for. Their whole agenda is to attack those in uniform who they do not agree with, directly. This has been a set up from day one when DADT was taken down.
Nope, Jesus wouldn't bother with colorful expletives in his display of righteous indignation. Jesus would simply display anger (maybe toss over their desk in their office) and Jesus' words for the offending party (the one inappropriately using scripture to justify their sin) would be direct. More like this, "Do not ever again intentionally lie by using what I have said to others for their comfort." That is probably closer to what Jesus would have said or done because that is what he did when he threw the money changers our of the temple.
We the People, are concerned that the US Government is refusing to address, in a meaningful way, the armed incursion by invaders of US sovereignty. Drug Cartels have been allowed to transport weapons and drugs, establish operations within our borders as far North as Chicago, buy property within the US and send their kids to school here! I have no problem with the Dream Act, amnesty, or guest workers. It's not those who come here to legitimately take part in America that alarm me. The alarm goes off when the drug cartels begin operating in the open and are put their Main Supply Routes across our borders on a schedule better than the legit bus routes and airlines!
You are correct in your assessment of one side of the equation, but the equation cannot balance unless the other side has equal distribution of function and magnitude. In other words, using the open borders argument only works if what we are discussing is the free market without any other variable. The problem is that we have an invasion of our Southern border by armed extremists underway, with no acknowledgement of such by our own government. Armed men, carrying loads of material for sale to financially support continued operations against the US People and Government is an invasion, an act of war. The invaders We the People are concerned with aren't the families traveling with children to find employment and a better life.
We will fight this war on the floor of the Senate and the House, or we will fight it in the streets. It is up to Congress to find their soul again, if they ever had one. The Constitution is clear as to it's purpose of the guarantee of our liberty, and it is equally clear as to the limitations of the Federal Government. The People are in crisis and We the People need the sound and Constitutionally correct leadership of our Congress and our President. I hear nothing from Mr Romney, nor Sen Thune, that sound leadership is forthcoming. In the absence of sound leadership, the SCOTUS Obamacare decision will indeed become our own "Dred Scott" decision and we DO NOT want what WILL come after.
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Same-Sex Politics

rob1633 Wrote: May 15, 2012 9:40 AM
Throughout human history, pair bonding has been male-female to produce offspring primarily and safety, survive-ability second. Nowhere in human history is there evidence that same sex anything has evolved to be accepted. So, here we are in the 21st Century and we are so modern and developed that we can tolerate a few variations on this theme, that's great. Marriage is the preferred route, but for those who don't meet the ideal (man and woman) that our society is willing to sanction publicly, can still privately contract with another and obtain greater protection under the law than marriage offers. So, why not create a solution that addresses a system clearly not organized to support a peculiar situation?Why force change on the rest of us?
The problem is not "Liberal Californians" per se, it is the corruption that has followed them. Legislative competition in California came to an end as Liberals were elected to the State Legislature and proceeded to re-district California Conservatives right out of office. California has historically been 1-2% within Liberal/Conservative political parity. It's largely a rural state. California is the world's fifth largest supplier of food and agriculture commodities, more than 23 other US states put together. Farmers and farm workers tend to be conservative on many fronts, and they tend to vote in opposition to those in "The City". If the corruption in California can ever be addressed you will again see normal political trends there.
The need for term limits is less of an issue if the 17th Amendment is repealed and the states once again have direct representation rather than the corrupt crap we have allowed since Senators became popularly elected. Now, Senators are the subject of national debate rather than the direct representation of each state legislature. It also becomes far too expensive to influence a Senator if his tenure rests on the approval of the elected members of an entire state legislature. Popular election of Senators just made them that much easier to buy. This is just one of the checks and balances our Founders put in place that we have removed in our "infinite wisdom".
Let's not forget the other RINOs that pat themselves on the back for being such good Republicans, but wouldn't support a Conservative principle if their lives depended on it. Let's add to your list: McConnell and Richard Burr. And what in God's Name is John Boehner doing? Political winds pick up and you can see his feet shifting. Rasmussen is exactly right, these people get to DC and become convinced of the righteousness of making political deals rather than wrapping themselves in the Constitution and defending Liberty! I am all for working things out amicably, our political system exists to provide recourse. However, while method can be open to compromise, never can principle.
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