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Self-Proclaimed Union Thug Vinny Castaldo Wants to Beat Me Up

Rob1122 Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 11:40 AM
Oh, and Vinny, I work very hard for my living. Every minute of every day at my job. Like most people in the real world. I work places and do things that you couldn't possibly fathom, and I'd gladly tell you about them to your face. I also buy my own guns, my own ammo, and pay my own NRA dues. Nobody owns me, and nobody puts words in my mouth. I'm nobody's stooge, unlike you, shilling for a buck.

Perhaps it was the radio segment that I did this week asking for comments and feedback about unions. I asked on the air for people who were union members to call our listener line at 202-681-1732 or email us at

I was looking for comments about the good and bad that goes along with being represented by unions.

Still looking for comments, and now want them even if you don't have a union.  

Personally I think unions are outdated relics of an age that belong more to Stalin than to Dickens.

Or maybe it was the Facebook picture I posted...