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Dems: Hey, How About Another $1 Trillion Tax Hike in 2013?

Rob1122 Wrote: Jan 09, 2013 11:58 AM
Hey, how about you get your own employees in the federal government who owe taxes to pay them first. And then, I say you all need a 20% reduction based on your work performance. That's an across the board reduction of everything: Salaries, staffing, benefits, travel expenses, perks. The fact is, we pay enough, and you need to contribute your fair share, especially since every dollar you squander is one earned by someone who barely makes ends meet, has to live on a budget, and can't just borrow their way out of their problems. We are getting sick of you leeches, and it's time you become part of the solution.

They've been given an inch and now they're taking a mile. As we've reported here at Townhall, Democrats promised to cut spending as part of the fiscal cliff deal, so long as tax rates went up on the "rich," or in other words, anybody who earns a paycheck. As a reminder, the fiscal cliff deal gave us $41 in tax hikes for every $1 in spending cuts. On top of that, let's not forget about the $1 trillion ObamaCare tax hike also buried in the fiscal cliff. Now, Democrats are planning to squeeze taxpayers for another cool $1 trillion...