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Sounds like she made the right decision in not having kids. I don't think she could handle it, especially if she's quibbling about "9 months of sobriety". She's doing any children she'd have a favor by not procreating. As for telling the rest of us how to live, she can stick it where the sun doesn't shine.
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Obamacare Website Sharing Personal Data

Rob1122 Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 3:54 PM
HIPPA violation anyone? All the years the government has lectured us about the privacy of healthcare information, and they're the one's giving it out? I say they owe the penalties. Oh, and I want a disclosure on how much the government was paid for that information, who's campaigns those people contributed to, and how much info they received.
This is a shameful disgrace! They honestly think that they can make good by having an aging musician sing a song? It's all okay now because the Secretary of State had James Taylor sing to us? Wow, you know, I could pick 5 random people off the street who could do a better job. Again, why do we tolerate this kind of incompetence from our leadership?
Awesome Article!!!!
With all due respect to the Pope, though I am not a Catholic, I do hold respect for the leader of one of the world's major religions, I must firmly disagree. America, my country, has always held dear the freedom of speech. We uphold that people can express themselves freely, even if we disagree with them. It is unbecoming of any free society to only tolerate the speech they deem worthy. That is censorship. Even if it's in bad taste, or offensive, people still have the right to say it. I find it odd that the Pope has never spoken up about all of the slandering of the Christian faith in the world specifically, but chooses to only after a Muslim terrorist attack. I'm baffled and a little disappointed.
Okay, seriously, we have to listen to Jimmy Carter? The second most anti-Israel president after Obama, and a dinosaur at best. I mean I was a little kid when this guy was president. I remember how he cried and wouldn't light the Christmas Tree until the Iranian hostages were freed. All very pretty, but outside of his embarrassing attempt to stage a rescue, he never accomplished that task. And HE helped create that mess by turning his back on the Shah who had been our ally. He was and continues to be a bumbling, inept human being. Some measure of respect was due him for his work with Habitats for Humanity, but other than that he's a complete joke who didn't know what he was doing then and has no clue now. Is this the best defense the Democrats can mount? What a joke!
Just shows how desperate and childish they've become.
With all that being said, the President of France has just demonstrated once again, that he is more up to the challenge than our own. Hat's off to him for acknowledging what these attacks were while our own politicians refused to call them by the right name. No, I'm not agreeing with all of their steps, such as disarming their populace, but at least they're not hiding from the truth.
Why do we even give these people a microphone? Seriously, these clowns aren't even funny anymore. They're just sad and pathetic. Stop being P.C. and call it what it is, or shut up and let the adults handle it.
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Confirmed: Barbara Boxer to Retire

Rob1122 Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 1:45 PM
Yawn. They'll just replace her with another leftist idiot. It IS California after all. She's 74. Should've left office a long time ago, but then she would've lost the prestige and the power. Just not the taxpayer funded bonanza. She should've left after her disgraceful attack on the military.
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