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Regardless of the issues at hand in this situation, why should or would we the people tolerate a government that is willing to turn violence against one of it's citizens who had committed no violent act against society? How can we tolerate or condone that action? They wanted money. He didn't kill anyone. Whether he owes the fees or not is irrelevant. Our government was willing to kill him and his family to get their way. This is an absolute outrage! And you can say what you want, but this is just the start of a government tyranny at the point of a gun. We must put a stop to this!
And let's think about this. Even if Jesus was married, so what? It has absolutely nothing to do with the faith, or the church.
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Hillary Clinton Dodges A Shoe

Rob1122 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 11:58 AM
The left laughed when that happened to Bush. Why didn't they find this funny?
Unfortunately for you Mr. President, the debate is far from over. You may be the CEO of the Greatest Nation on the planet, but you are our employee, and your evaluations aren't looking good. Job performance is way down. Be thankful that you are a politician, because in any other market, you would've been canned by now.
I'm not a parasite, quite the opposite. In fact, my willingness to defend myself and my family against criminal attack instead of leeching off society to inadequately defend me doesn't even come close to making me a parasite.
You know, I have never seen anything so pathetic as the continuous effort of the left to deify this president. He doesn't even rise to level of antichrist, or even mature adult, for that matter. It's sickening, and they really need to stop. Hey Joe, he's not a deity, and no Chris Matthews, I don't know what the tingle on your leg is about, but it's not divinely inspired. Grow up.
Then we, the people, should not be paying her retirement pension, or any other income she receives that is derived from our hard earned dollars that she has bilked.
Disgusting!!! Given the number of birthdays they have prevented through murdering the unborn, I didn't figure that they believed in birthdays.
Let's see, you are supposedly the most powerful man in the world. You won re-election, and you're in your second term. And yet, you still can't handle basic news questions from a TV News Host? Instead you act all huffy and pedantic, like a child and cry that it's unfair? Wow, that's really inspiring leadership.
Okay, seriously, does anyone believe that wasn't the plan all along? I mean, they're so ridiculously stupid and predictable. She made a name for herself a couple years ago, and that gives her cred for a political campaign. It's worse than a cheap hollywood script.
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