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Seriously? Why can't anyone call these people on things like this? This Administration is the most partisan ever, and EVERYTHING they do is with political blinders on.
There was a time when the world looked to America and it's leaders for what true leadership was. Sadly, there is no longer any such thing in the political leadership of our country. Not from our president, certainly not from his whack job VP, or anyone in real leadership in his administration. We are a country of great people, being lead by sheep and traitors. If you will not lead Mr. President, then get the heck out of the way and let the real Americans do so.
They can make all the excuses that they want. It's all a sham. A racist, liberal, angry, and entitled elitist professor of "gender studies" (like that's a real profession) attacked a minor, stole her property, and stepped all over her first amendment rights. She should try doing that somewhere outside of her protected ivory tower and see how well that goes. Of course, it's easy to bully those smaller than you. Good job "professor" you're a great example of the problem.
It's not too simplistic to say that if we put the full concentrated might of the American military to work, and allowed them to do their jobs without political interference, we wouldn't be in this situation because there would be no ISIS. Let our soldiers win! No, you can't kill the spirit that created ISIS, that will take generations of proper education, but you can stop their ability to fight. And that is how a real war is one, and a true peace ensues. Peace only comes about when the enemy is no longer able to fight. That is what they would do to us, and what we had best do to them before they do try to fly their flag from our White House.
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The Patriotism of Prosperity

Rob1122 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 12:04 PM
Before the government tyrants talk about patriotism, perhaps they should consider how patriotic it would be for the government to be good stewards of our hard earned money that we entrust them with? Instead of continuously robbing the hard working, why not be responsible with the money you are given, just as every responsible household is forced to do through taxation. Government taking from people is not what it was intended, and is hardly patriotic.
Fair enough. So, that lawsuit would be on Harry Reid and his do nothing Senate, right? Since they have refused to do anything about a budget for over five years and counting, as they are constitutionally mandated to do?
What a ridiculous farce! How can a radical violent cop-killer be even remotely compared to the peaceful non-violent protests of Dr. King? King had a vision of racial equality. Mumia wants to "kill whitey". I believe Dr. King, were he alive today, would be ashamed of what they have done with the Civil Rights Movement he spawned. Shame on them.
Okay, so they all donate their fees to the Clinton Foundation. And how much compensation do they receive from the Clinton Foundation? It makes it sound so philanthropic, but let's be realistic here.
I'm not sure why anyone is shocked. Apparently, they didn't hire enough ghost buyers to boost the sales in advance. Other than that, how many liberals/progressives actually read books?
Do these criminals, but more importantly, do the citizens of this country a favor, and do not allow these hardcore criminals within our borders. Illegal Aliens commit countless crimes every year. Under what loss of cognitive reasoning can anyone justify allowing admitted murderers in to add to the amount of crimes committed? Additionally, this is America, and there are plenty of people who will be placed in the crosshairs of these murderers, and plenty of people who will have to stand trial to defend themselves before a judge after they kill one of these dirtbags in self defense. Grow some brains people.
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