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Just so I get this straight, oh enlightened one, it's offensive to depict the assassination of North Korea's tyrant, er, dictator, um, leader. Yeah, I get that. Truly tasteless to be quite honest, but so is a lot of what Hollywood turns out, and you never question that. But you don't see it as inappropriate to say some of the things you shills say about political opponents, or people you disagree with? You know actual Americans who disagree with you. Our First Amendment rights do not pertain and are not granted to non-citizens. We say what we want within reason. What this shows is the cowardice of jounalists. Pander to the terrorists, attack the defenseless. Good job. Wonder why nobody takes you people more seriously, oh wait, no, I get it.
Just because he was "unarmed" does not mean he wasn't a danger or threat to the officer. He assaulted the officer with the intent of disarming him. Regardless of his color, if he is willing to take a law enforcement officer's weapon, he will use it on him and anyone else. Michael Brown was on his way to becoming a cop-killer. It is highly disingenuous to assert that he was an "innocent, unarmed, black person." He assaulted a cop. Period. He could be pink with purple polka-dots, it doesn't change the fact that he broke the law and tried to take the officer's gun. And I hardly call a month's deliberation by a grand jury lack luster, and even though he wasn't indicted, Officer Wilson's police career in Ferguson, heck pretty much anywhere, is over.
Of course she doesn't oppose it! If she did, he wouldn't have nominated her! This isn't rocket science now is it?
Yeah, because the only thing wrong with it is the name. I'm betting she isn't part of relying on it for her healthcare.
Sadly, she'll get to draw her tax-payer funded pension and perks for the rest of her life. So, she still gets a laugh on us.
Voter fraud is no joke, and someone in politics should take it seriously. Of course, when you belong to the party that encourages and benefits most from it, then I'm sure you find it quite amusing. Hope you enjoy your retirement Mary.
And that class, is how you lose a run-off election. Let's insult our constituents even as they increasingly view us as an outsider. Way to go Mary!
Newsflash Mr. President. You CAN'T change the law. You are sworn to uphold the law. Novel idea for someone who supposedly knows the Constitution.
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Rob1122 Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 4:13 PM
Unfortunately, based on her past statements, an idiot like Rosie O'Donnell will never get it no matter how much you try to educate her. She is untrainable. She's railed against guns for years while hiring armed body guards. Just another worthless elitist moron.
That's okay Joe. In the rest of the country words like Senator, Congressman/woman, President, and Vice President aren't typically meant as a compliment either. And nobody believes that you ever knew anything about the middle class. Most of us in the middle class know far more than any of you elitist snobs could even dream of knowing. We live in the real world, you couldn't survive a day in it.
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