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Under 40? Obama Has Branded You

ROB-RAGE Wrote: May 27, 2012 9:15 AM
I hope the Majority of Young People realize Captain Crunch the Economy..Sham Wow Obama and his pirate crew are heading the Good Ship USA towards the Rocks of Ruin and regret....4 more years and we'll be in the same shape as the Costa Corcordia...or Greece without the Parthenon...The Poison Ivy League Colleges ..are doing their Sal Alinsky best to churn out Stuck on Stupid Graduates....I hope they haven't majored in..Useful Idiocy....Degree's without jobs are as useless as our Triple Bogey..Che loving ..George Soros Sock Puppet Prez..!

President Obama has named the generation under 40 years of age "generation 44." The number 44 stands for 44th president, or in other words, Obama named the generation after....himself. Surprised? Me either.

As President Obama told us in 2008 and continues to remind us now, the work did not end on Election Day. We made commitments to each other about what we hope tomorrow looks like and what we believe our country can be and they are commitments we must fight for every day. From our commitment to these ideals, we created Generation Forty Four or Gen44...