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Arizona Loses a Great Sheriff

roadlesstraveledby Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 10:45 PM
This gives me chills because as an Arizona resident I just received a plea from Sheriff Dever and the Border Sheriffs Project asking for help in their fight as ACLU, BO, and Holder are not only suing Arizona but had also named Dever and the rest of the Border Sheriffs personally in their lawsuit. "..we are fighting for our lives down here...[doing my job] makes me an easy target, too...And what [the Border Sheriffs Project] has provided has been the only thing keeping me and my family giong these last months as the ACLU has sent their harassing lawyers into Arizona...[these lawyers] are slick, smart and aggressive". Yeah.

Arizona has suffered the loss of a great man and a fine Sheriff. Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever died last night after rolling his vehicle on a U. S. Forest Service road. Dever was known for his tough stance on combating illegal immigration and for treating people with respect. He will be missed.

 Larry Dever, the four-term Republican sheriff of Cochise County, has died in a one-vehicle crash near the northern Arizona town of Williams. He was 60.

Dever's death was confirmed early Wednesday by the sheriff's department.

Sheriff's spokeswoman...

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