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Since Holder is looking at school diciplinary and police arrest records for evidence of discrimination why not look at the NBA where the ratio of black players is 98%. When the NBA looks like America I may start watching it again until then I will watch golf or maybe zit popping videos on youtube.
The NBA is a private organization with its own bylaws and rules therefore is an owner or player violates them he can be banned. Tell me why doesn't this apply to a florist or baker who refuses to do business with homosexuals? Sterling's big mistake was making a racially insensitive comment he should have gotten involved in dog fighting then after a fine and jail time all would be forgiven.
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Is America Still a Serious Country?

Roadkill582 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 8:08 AM
I find it more disgusting that this dirty old man is flaunting his affair with a succubus young enough to be his granddaughter while his wife of fifty years is having her nose rubbed in it. She is the only victim in this soap opra. When the NBA adopts some moral codes for its players and owners then maybe we can take it seriously. The fact that men making millions of dollars playing a game are offended by the owner of the team they play for beyond ridiculous. How about they cancel the season fire the coach and send everyone to sensitivity training. If it is good enough for the Duke LaCrosse team then it's good enough for the NBA. This is just one more reason why I don't watch basketball.
Read the book "Into the Canibal's Pot" and see for yourself how truth and reconciliation are working out. The fact that South Africa cannot even get a qualified signer to work at the Mandela funeral should tell you something about this once great country.
I'd rather see a mental competency test before people are allowed to vote. Had the American people understood how liberal obama is he would have never gotten out of the primaries.
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Gross Misconceptions

Roadkill582 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 4:53 AM
Yes and you are turning America into a third world rat hole like every other country you run in the ground. Name one majority latino country which isn't corrupt, dirt poor, and barely surviving. America is on the road to serfdom. I hope you are proud of yourselves.
The American people lost a true hero to a spoiled brat fratboy whose daddy bought him the seat. If not for gerrymandering that seat would have stayed Republican.
The only voter suppression that occurred was in Philly where the new black panthers were harassing voters again. Of course in obamaville that is allowed.
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