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1 total, the first time Cao, R-LA but he voted against it the second time.
It's too easy to bring charges of rape.
Sort of like saying "Yeah, let them spray the whole battle line with machine gun fire. It'll kill everyone, but some of the dead will be on their side.
What oh what will I ever tell my Mormon child if Romney loses? The truth. Why do people make things so hard?
McKay is a good old Mormon name.
Oh, I see he's a Mormon. Making his writing chops at age 25 by trashing the Mormon candidate. How unexpected.
But, really it's about 60% better than Biden's record.
Obama BS is much more expensive than other sources of fuel. Many many billions of dollars more expensive.
BS is an Obama specialty, which is impressive given the original bullshitters are from Texas and other cowboy type states not Kenya. BS was perfected in the old West, but was embraced by politicians early on. Obama's BS is particularly rich and deep because of the deep and wide quality of his ignorance and incompetence.
Bullshitting is more like talking through your hat. Saying a bunch of stuff just to cover the fact that you have no idea what you're talkiing about.
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