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They aren't "going to see the slide..." The sheeple have been told about the Cash-for-Clunkers fiasco, green jobs / technology failure AND cronyism, they've been told about Fast & Furious, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc. The vast majority of our 300 million sheep herd, particularly of the voting sheeple, don't follow any of the media outlets and frankly get their news from movie star soundbites on Entertainment Tonight or from bumper stickers while stuck in traffic. Need proof in the pudding? Obama still won by a few MILLION votes, Dems still occupy the Senate, and though both have slide in favorability polls they still rank above the GOP. The sheeple aren't going to see any slide toward socialism, and frankly, they won't notice when we've hit bottom.
I agree Maury. Your comment was in support of Ransom. Maybe he was having abad day and didn't get what you were driving at. We are all allowed to have a day when we aren't firing on all cylinders. And FYI, I didn't really get the gist of you sounding insulting as Mary393 thought.
What's worse than the Dems (at least on a Sunday morning when I'm trying to read a great column)??? The Townhall website with multiple pop-ups. SUCKS!
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The Decline of College

rnavarro Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 9:43 AM
Read Matthew Crawford's, Shop Class as Soulcraft. While the book is not about a broken college system, it does discuss even those with college graduates heading back to school - to technical colleges and courses. These adults, often midlife, have discovered there is something beneficial to having more than an understanding of philosophy. It helps to actually have a marketable skill! Good job Mr. Hanson. Keep telling this story...
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