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Nice Losers

rmturn Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 12:30 AM
No matter how nice Romney is, it is up to the voters to educate themselves on who the candidates were. This election was a referendum on Obama, but also of the voters....and the voters failed. They were uninformed and voted for the man who would transform this country into one that no one wants. You can blame Romney for being nice - and I also believe he was too nice in debates 2 and 3, but the voters ultimately have the final say - and what they said was rotten - showing the character of the majority of our country to be just that.
fooba Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 10:26 AM
When the takers find out they can vote themselves other peoples money the Republic is over !
Harold15 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 4:49 AM
Romney should have been more aggressive instead of apologizing all the time when he took a stand on an issue and some whining crybaby whined about being offended by what he said. He should have hit Obama hard on the issues and kept hitting him. But he didn't. Like McCain, I don't really think he wanted to win. I didn't watch the debates, but I understand that in the last one he pretty much agreed with everything Obama said. The choice we had in 2012 was Obama and Obamaclone. I voted Constitution party and have no regrets about doing so. Obama won and America lost. Had Romney won, would America have won? I'm not so sure.
lukemcire Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 12:51 AM
You are, of course, incorrect. The voters did not fail. Your candidate lost. Sorry it's so inconvenient for you that others don't think the same as you. Hopefully you'll learn to come to terms with the fact that you're not empress of the world.
Carlos71 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 1:11 AM
You're definitely right, rmturn could not possibly be empress of the world; in your mind, you seem to have the job of Grand Exalted Ruler and Man-God already sewed up. (You might have some trouble on that account with your hero Obama, who has also laid claim to the title.)
Carlos71 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 1:13 AM
Please! Don't encourage the Deity of the Democrats! He is already full of enough of himself as it is.
rmturn Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 1:38 AM
In time, we will see. But if you value freedom and liberty, Obama is not the man. Please show me where he promises it or where he values it. He values government control over our lives (see Julie movie). He values a lesser role for the US in international affairs. Obama thinks the Constitution is a hindrance to what he wants to do. So, if you value liberty, freedom, a strong US and the Constitution, then Obama is not your man for president. Apparently the voters don't value it either, and if this election is a referendum on these issues, then the voters voted against it, and for larger and more intrusive government. If that's what you want, then you win, but that's not what this country is about, and that is why the voters failed.
t252 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 2:09 AM
your going to find out the hard way - elections have consequences.
And when you do, just look at the dumass in the mirror.
VAMtns Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 7:12 AM
I strongly disagree! Our political and voting systems failed. These systems now allows so many wrong things that I truly think our country is heading full speed ahead to the scrap heap of history! And all of the people of your persuasion can neither understand or see this happening or coming. But you will suffer just as much as those of us who really understand this! Remember this is not simply a disagreement over how this country should be run and function, it is truly about the SURVIVAL of our country. Maybe you do not want it to survive! If so, then say so and quit your false comments. Just say, I hate this country!

Mitt Romney now joins the long list of the kinds of presidential candidates favored by the Republican establishment-- nice, moderate losers, people with no coherently articulated vision, despite how many ad hoc talking points they may have.

The list of Republican presidential candidates like this goes back at least as far as 1948, when Thomas E. Dewey ran against President Harry Truman. Dewey spoke in lofty generalities while Truman spoke in hard-hitting specifics. Since then, there have been many re-runs of this same scenario, featuring losing Republican presidential candidates John McCain, Bob Dole, Gerald Ford and, when he ran...