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He got it, and piled on the list of people willing to lie for Obama.
Seedco employees seem to be like Democrat lawmakers in training.
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What's changing, what's not, in a shutdown

rmturn Wrote: Oct 01, 2013 12:54 AM
ObamaCare doesn not shut down, but it should, while many things that people really need from the government will shut down. Maybe it's better for all of the national parks that are shutting down, not to be a part of the federal government, then we could enjoy them despite the fools running our government.
Of course the teachers calling the students the N word will not be pilloried like Paula Dean or other's who have felt the wrath of the media, the left, the NAACP, etc., because 1) it was a learning experience or; 2) the teachers are Democrats or black or both; or 3) they are Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, who can state some people are white N-words and not feel any retribution.
Because the problem with gun violence in Chicago, is not Chicago's fault, it's the rest of America's fault.
Ress, you're right, as the low information Democrat voters only show up for the big elections (like President), as the other elections are too hard to figure out as there's less "information" from TV to digest. So Republicans benefitted from less Democrat voters in 2010 but were hurt by more Democrat voters in 2012. I'm guessing that 2014 will repeat 2010's pattern, and if there isn't another black guy on the ballot in 2016, Dems may stay home.
Those on the left tend to view God as punitive, restrictive and controlling, while God is truly about giving people free will to do right or wrong. God will warn us about the consequences of our actions, but allowing us the freedom to choose to do right or wrong. The left tends to project their own issues on to God and view him as punitive, restrictive and controlling - which is the way the left is when they get into power: punitive, restrictive and controlling.
Give me a Christian nation over an Obama Nation (pronounced abomination).
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