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Those on the left tend to view God as punitive, restrictive and controlling, while God is truly about giving people free will to do right or wrong. God will warn us about the consequences of our actions, but allowing us the freedom to choose to do right or wrong. The left tends to project their own issues on to God and view him as punitive, restrictive and controlling - which is the way the left is when they get into power: punitive, restrictive and controlling.
Give me a Christian nation over an Obama Nation (pronounced abomination).
A more interesting experiment would be to see if these ladies on the panel actually react to pain, as they seem to be some of the more calloused individuals on TV.
Why can't these women say, that it is abortion that they want, instead of "the right to choose"?
There is no way these ladies can know whether a baby feels pain or not in the womb at 20 weeks, as they can't ask them. They have created scenarios and frameworks that would allow for their "scientific" conclusions to come out the way they want. But, there is no way anyone knows whether the baby feels pain or not, so shouldn't we err on the side that they might feel pain?
Those on the left deny the self-evident truth..... that there is a baby in the womb when a woman is pregnant. Even young children know that.
A real "balanced" panel...NOT.
The alternative is the health plan that all of the Democrat Senators and Representatives and their aides are running to in order to get out of ObamaCare. Let's have their health care system for the rest of us. If it's good enough for them, then it's good enough for the rest of us.
Again, Spirit. Why are the Democrat Senators and Representatives fleeing from ObamaCare for their own personal health care needs. Do they not care about Senior Citizens who rely on Medicare? Think about that, and then answer this question.
Spirit: It seems that the Democrat Senators and Representatives, who voted FOR ObamaCare, are upset about how ObamaCare will screw up their personal health care insurance and availability, as they are desperately trying to get waivers for themselves from ObamaCare.
Spirit: Why are Democrat Senators and Representatives fleeing ObamaCare for their own personal health insurance? They should be first in line for it, if it was all that it was promised to be.
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