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And Now, A Word From Marco Rubio

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 10:35 AM
"Without him applying the brakes on Chuck Schumer’s runaway amnesty train in the Gang of Eight, there would have been nothing left to stop an even more terrible bill from passing." That is NO excuse. Rubio allowed himself to be the face of this bill....which the media gladly reported. He made promises which have not been kept. The border security provisions in this bill are meaningless because the bill gives Janet Napolitano carte blanche to do whatever she wants. Rubio was either snookered or is of like mind with people who are disengenuous and downright dishonest. Neither of these choices speak well for him nor his ability to one day lead the country.
idensmore Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 11:04 AM
At one time I thought that he might make a great candidate for the presidency but he has flip flopped so much lately I would not vote for him if he were the only one running.
What this bill will do to America is awful. Unemployment is already so high and if they make it where all these illegals can go to work who do you think the companies are going to hire the one that will work for the least amount. That will put more Americans out of a job. They will still not pay taxes and will probably still get all the govenment assistance while Americans that really deserve it and have paid their taxes won't be able to get any help. Obama along with Rubio and the dumocrats are ruining this country. We all need to be praying that God will once again bestow his Blessing on this great Nation so that we can put this Country back on the right track.

Sensing the wounds of betrayal beginning to fester among many within the conservative base -- his biggest fans and strongest advocates over the last three years -- Sen. Marco Rubio has personally penned a "Dear Friends" letter to try to assuage their concerns about both his intentions and the contents of the bill he helped craft.  Rubio calls the immigration reform effort "a real trial" for him, expressing regret that many of his natural allies are furious with him for his role in the 'Gang of Eight.'  The full letter is available HERE.  A few excerpts, via NRO: