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Obama's Land of the LOST

rmt5 in MA Wrote: May 25, 2012 8:39 AM
SSHG (in reply to your 8:15AM post)----You are correct, but Obama will be delighted with the anger directed toward us by his beloved community of nations when his exec order is void. He would be furthering his globalist credentials for whatever opportunites the future of a new world order might hold for him. Barack Hussein Obama is NOT concerned about any anti-America reactions that such an exec order would incite when reversed, If he sees a political gain---for himself--- by doing it, he will do it.

What's green and blue and grabby all over? President Obama's new pressure campaign for Congress to ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST).

The fight over LOST goes back three decades, when it was first rejected by President Ronald Reagan. He warned that "no national interest of the United States could justify handing sovereign control of two-thirds of the Earth's surface over to the Third World." According to top Reagan officials William Clark and Ed Meese, their boss believed the "central, and abiding, defect" was "its effort to promote global government at the expense of sovereign nation states...