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Comprehensive Gang of 8 Legislation Full of Pork

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 11:36 AM
"........(Republican) members (in the House) prepare their OWN version of an immigration overhaul." As Rush points out, this is the MAJOR problem with Republicans. They accept the premises set forth by the Democrats, and think they have to come up with their own bill. Why do we need a COMPREHENSIVE immigration bill? We already have laws requiring a border fence, and laws regarding immigration that are NOT being enforced. Whatever problems remain do not require a complete overhaul of immigration laws---unless it is to disguise amnesty by wrapping it in legalese. The Repubs should stay away from this. The American people oppose amnesty.
Great news everyone. The Gang of 8 "comprehensive" immigration reform package is turning out just like every other gigantic bill the Senate passes: chock full of pork.

After a comprehensive immigration bill passed the Senate in June, President Obama says he's "absolutely confident" it can pass the House if put to a vote.

But critics question how many lawmakers have actually read the 1,200-page bill, which they say is packed with hidden pork-barrel spending projects ranging from $1.5 billion for a "Youth Jobs Program" to millions for immigrant support groups that some say have a political agenda.

"Earmarks, special pork deals, and...