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"Here’s hoping construction is delayed – forever." Now that would be an abortion I can believe in!
The words were appropriate. I didn't see or hear the speech, so I cannot assess the manner or tone of sincerity or solemnity. I hope they matched the words for the sake of those families they were delivered to
lois, you are either lying or you are hopelessly stupid. Either way, it's will not lose your liberal standing.
lois' life would be ruined if she had to deal with real facts. That is anathema to libs.
"The insertion of a far-flung mishmash of other international and domestic topics seemed forced, unfocused, and bizarre......" Not for Barack Hussein Obama, who basically went into his usual campaign mode while addressing the nation about a national security matter. This is typical of the Campaigner in Chief.
Following the law is optional in the Obama administration. He sets the example for agencies under his authority to pick and choose which laws to obey.
And his name is not Barry Sotero anymore.
But we are told that he is thoughtful and deliberative and that he can "evolve" on certain issues. Sometimes this evolving can take months or years. In the case of ISIS not being "junior varsity" it can take days----but that includes a lecture on how we misunderstood his words which he really did not say. Or something like that..........
caliphate A caliphate (in Arabic: ?????? khilafa, meaning "succession") is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as a caliph – i.e. "successor" – to Muhammad. According to Wikipededia. Why doesn't the "smartest" president in our history get this? This is the aim, goal and purpose of ISIS.....yet Obama ignores it and dogmatically claims they are non-religious, as if his delusion trumps fact.
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