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Biden doesn't have the chip on his shoulder that Obama has, and wouldn't be childishly spiteful---he would be more politically sensitive to his own image. He is an idiot though who would be mistake prone, but how much more damage can he do than Obama who is WILLfully destroying the country?
Another cop shot in Florida, and a memorial for 4 slain officers has been defaced in CA. Looks like the leftists' "War on Cops" is gaining traction. Welcome to Barack Hussein Obama's Amerika!
DTL----I don't disagree. I'm just saying that he was smarter than Obama in his use of words. As cold and calculating as Holder is....Obama is even worse.
I have a total low regard for Eric Holder, but at least his statement concerning this senseless act had more emotional heft than Obama's hollow recitation of the obvious. Holder may actually feel pained by this......while at the same time being blinded by his own complicit words and actions that help to incite violence. We are inundated with irresponsible, incompetent "leaders" at the highest levels of our government who take no accountability for their failures....many of which arise out of malice against America and what she stands for.
"No justification?" Sounds about as empty and emotionless as his "Not optimal" comment regarding Benghazi. OF COURSE there is no justification for brutal point blank range murder of two cops. Could anyone other than cop haters think this horrific act was justified? There is a coldness to Barack Hussein Obama that seeps out through this hollow obviousness. I'm sorry, but a brief, emotionless statement like this one seems like the barest minimum he could do.
Obama's very act of appointing the charlatan Al Sharpton as his point man on "race relations" was a slap in the face to America. When you hire a known, proven liar then you are a perpetuator of lies.
Agreed. But the rule of law is supposed to take a back seat to irrationality. Nobody wanted these men to die.....but circumstances rudely availed themselves to produce an undesired result. While grieving for the lost lives, their must be understanding for the police officers involved. But the race baiters got into the act and couldn't stop vomiting ugliness from their mouths. So now we have TODAY'S horrible scene.
Obama, Holder, Sharpton and DiBlaisio ALL have blood on their hands as a result of this despicable act. They are all big mouths with small minds, and arrogance that is beyond the pale. THEY have incited the hate that is behind this cold-blooded murder. They should NEVER have another peaceful night's sleep.....but jerks that they are, this won't even faze them.
Exactly. Obama has no interest in Cuba becoming a capitalist country. If there is any "sense" at all it normalizing relations, it has entirely to do with his own agenda....which may well be to lose jurisidiction over Gitmo so that it can be closed. All the other talk about how "good" this will be is only talk. Obama serves only Obama's purposes.
GW---I wish I had time to read all of the previous comments in threads. I guess the emphasis of repetition can be helpful though. :-)
When leftists say "The debate is over"......they mean it! The same people who champion "nuance"......suddenly dismiss any and all further discussion of matters they deem as settled.
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