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That's what they do with lunatics who might spit and froth at the mouth. That's how she was behaving that night.! Can't do that. That would be a terrible violation in the war on women. And the Repub candidate will have to remember not to take even a teensy-weensy step in the direction of her lectern in a debate.
Democrats seemingly have been more than willing to cede congressional power to the Executive Branch....providing no opposition to Obama's power grabs through exec orders. They have forfeited all rights to complain about "aloofness". The founders expected each branch of government to protect their own turf......but the Dems looked the other way. Do any of them support the present lawsuit that the GOP has against Obama?
That Lehmberg woman should not only have resigned, she should have gone into hiding for the rest of her life after that embarrassing display caught on video. Dems seem to have no personal pride regarding their conduct (think Anthony Weiner e.g.). They hang onto their positions of power as long as they can regardless of what they have done. This action against Perry is deplorable and shows the depth of evil which now resides openly among the American left.
soooooo lois, you have NO problem with however many young blacks are killed in Chicago EVERY week......just so long as they are not shot by a white cop? You are a very sick person if you cannot be outraged by the lack of interest the administration and MSM have in Chicago.
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The Consequence of Unaccountability

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Aug 18, 2014 1:41 PM
At least he goes on the record being AGAINST whatever gets to his desk. The Repubs should pass simple, uncomplicated bills that most Americans would support.
The above picture alone should do that.
After what they did to Tom Delay, who can be surprised by this latest Texas Democrat maneuver?
Holder said that he would be an activist on behalf of "his people". He isn't much into truth certainly meant that, didn't he? are believing what people who never listen to Rush say he said, rather than what Rush ACTUALLY said. You are in no position to comment, because either you don't know or you are a liar!
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