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Good point! What Obama is planning to do is SO UNTHINKABLE, that I didn't think of it! :-)
Looks like a lot of New Yorkers and Californians will have to move to Texas over the next few years if Wendy Davis is ever to have a viable political career in that state. Her problem is that there aren't enough people stupid enough to vote for her in a state-wide election.
They want a certain result, no matter what.....facts do not matter. All manner of law, truth and justice must be waived in order to satisfy their desire for revenge.
Depraved is the only word to describe this. This is the product of empty, soul-less women engulfed by bitterness and hate. Using children in this manner is beyond despicable....it is downright evil. These women should be thrown in jail for polluting young minds like this.
Going ugly is what the Dems do. The ends justify the means, so there is never any crisis of conscience for them. It's just a matter of HOW ugly they will get....which seems to correspond with the urgency of a situation. The polls aren't looking good for them right now, so we should expect all kinds of mischief, corruption, lies, and false accusations. It's what libs do best.
Crist will say WHATEVER he thinks he needs to say in order to get votes. Every thing he says is subject to change on a moment's notice.
Oops....I think I've been busted!
He may not find out about this until tomorrow morning's paper.
None of this polling means much if it translates into the Dems narrowly holding onto the Senate in November. The above numbers can all be very accurate......but a few precincts here and there that vote 139% for a Democrat combined with complacency on our side (because of polls), can upset the apple cart. I hate cliches.....but "cautious optimism" is the most I will allow myself at this time.
Liberals know no end of disgusting behavior. It will only get worse over the next couple of weeks....they are desperate enough to try anything in close races.
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