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Obama Spurns the 'Optics' Police

rmt5 in MA Wrote: 1 hour ago (7:51 AM)
It's both!
libsuptro-----How do you find "evidence" in thousands of irrelevant emails? The whole point here is that the RELEVANT emails were supposedly lost. If you are a "Loyal Democrat" wannabe, you need to be a lot smarter at satire. If you just want to be a stupid liberal poster, don't change anything!
And the Obama regime has an unending array of clowns.
So, it has gone from "impossible" to "hard to do". Hard to do means it can be done.....SO DO IT! No excuses.....no more lies......no more stonewalling...JUST GET IT DONE! And, by the way, be prepared for some people to go to jail if the GOP does everything they are supposed to do.
The Dems have a deep bench when it comes to lying, incompetent fools,
Fraudulent votes are NEVER ok. However, if someone wins by 20,000 votes, 17 fraudulent votes are a non-issue. Still, the frauds should be prosecuted.
"Hopefully this will be a wake up call to progressives who often choose to look the other way." Yep....it will be a wake up call alright. They will look harder for ways to cheat without it being noticed.
Politicizing everything is what liberals do. Remember when they shamelessly turned the Wellstone memorial into a political rally? That alone tells us all we need to know about libs. The current travesty in Ferguson is politcal. Meanwhile, Obama is ignoring a black on white shooting in Utah because there is nothing political to be gained there.
Just another phony scandal says an administration that investigates itself and pronounces its own findings as "gospel". Everything's all better....nothing to see here.
"For what it’s worth, most Americans think there was something fishy going on at IRS after the scandal broke, and would like answers." How does such a MAJOR scandal---replete with all manner of lies, deception, and outright law breaking get reduced to a "For what it's worth" rationalization? Isn't this a court case where a judge is demanding answers? Since this information DOES exist, then it has to be provided to the court. Because there is so much effort involved in hiding these emails, there must be some very incriminating evidence. The process is very slow....but the truth WILL come out.
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