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Just another example of how Obama takes advantage of the low info voter. Because they don't listen to Rush, watch Fox or read conservative blogs, they'll never know the difference.
And it seems that everyone that works for him are liars too. Must be a requirement of the Obama regime.
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Oh Wow: Rubio's Really Running, Huh?

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 10:28 AM
Correction: He needs to be RIGHT on immigration issues. Ignoring them isn't going to fly with the voters.
The union thugs are alive and well in Nevada. Without their help, Reid would have lost the last election against a supposed weak candidate (which the establishment GOP abandoned).
Andrew McCarthy told Megan Kelly last night that this was known from the beginning. The DOJ used this case to get it's foot in the door of investigating and changing procedures at the department level----which, of course, means using the DOJ's lawyers to force all of the political correct liberal nonsense into how the department will be run.
Biden would be worth a few laughs if he ran. Other than that, he brings nothing to the table, except disaster---just like any other Democrat that may run, including Hillary.
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Waiting For Walker

rmt5 in MA Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 7:16 PM
"Whatever miscalculations he (Walker) made that led to the explosion of protests in Madison four years ago........." Walker made no miscalculation. His opponents did by thinking they could frighten him from doing what he KNEW was right for the people of his state. He has been tested under fire....and it won't be "charisma" that wins for him, it will be the confidence he exudes from knowing he can withstand the worst the Dems will throw at him. The voters will sense that he means what he says.
I'm 100% certain that Global Warming has been a scam from the get-go---another ploy of leftists to regulate us to death at huge expense. They NEVER quit.....even when they are caught red-handed at rigging the data.
"In State of the Union, Obama aims to influence 2016 debate" That debate should be about what a rigid, uncompromising left wing ideologue Barack Hussein Obama is.....and how his policies are designed to satiate his appetite for ruining the greatest country on earth. It's long past time that the GOP expose Obama in this way.....but they don't have the courage to do so.
Michael Moore gets to talk about cowardice? What is more cowardly than a fool like Moore engaging in verbal sniping, ready to soak in all the plaudits that come his way---but then when he finds himself taking heat, he tries to walk it back--as if he never really said it. That is the ultimate in cowardice. And Michael Moore has done this before. He is a verbal sniper who is always shooting his mouth off.
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