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............and he works less than 30 hours per week.
Just as planned. Obama is smiling over how easy it's been.
There was some semblance of sanity in the Democrat Party in those days. Some of them wouldn't go along with something that the WHOLE country hated. By 2010 the Dems were insanely obsessed with power and eager to go against the will of the people.
......and lois says the GOP's #1 priority is to get between you and your healthcare. How empty headed is that?
lois.....did you REALLY say that?.....I mean, has your Obamacare defense come to this?
Is stupidity a badge of honor in the Democrat Party? Considering how willing Dems like that woman are to open their mouths to dispense utter ignorance, it must be.
Yep. Don't stand for anything. Cave in to perversion and murder. That's the ticket to victory! Go Nevada!!!
Words that sounded great......unless one paid attention to his upbringing, his mentors, his heroes, his community organizing, his ideology, his sleazy associations, his secretive past and any number of other dubious indicators of who Barack Hussein Obama is. Few people cared.....and now we are in the sixth year of the "transformation".
Being against corruption is racist. Everyone knows that!
Why is it that people who WANT the USA to become like Russia or Cuba, tell those of us who hate the governments of Russian and Cuba to MOVE to Russian and Cuba whenever we complain about us becoming like Russia and Cuba?
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