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It might make you a hero.
If they get this through, you really think they will allow another election?
Lanza and Holmes, Gee, aren't both of their fathers involved in the LIBOR rate fixing scandal. I think I remember something about them testifying. Not gonna do that now, huh.
You better believe it, not to mention taxpayer funded armed guards.
The founders never mentioned hunting in any of their writings. I don't think they could imagine a time when such a basic right would even be questioned. The writings of our founders left no room for doubt that the 2nd was meant for tyrants.
Believe me, she's not stupid, she's evil. A person that could care less about over a million murdered unborn last year doesn't care about 20 kids in a classroom. She knows that they cannot advance their agenda while the people are armed and capable of resisting them.
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