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Right on! There will always be a need in this country for the skilled trade's. Basically a degree, today, means that you paid your tuition on time and regurgitated all the leftist garbage your profs spewed up.
If a degree is a guarantee of success, as the left wants us to believe, then why are so many 'Gender Studies' graduates so interested in being barista's?
Go away Rand. It is time for the grown ups to try and fix the mess Barry has made. We don't need a president with a naive view of the world. The current president with a naive view of the world has mucked it up bad enough.
If the pill goes OTC there is no need for Planned Abortionhood. They will fight this to the end. Now who is restricting access to 'women's healthcare'?
This will only cause the invasion from Central America to increase as they all try to slither across before he waves his little pink wand. He wants to make sure all the Hispanics vote, legally or otherwise.
Still you will have all the union morons, what few remain, voting for these clowns in November. Then, when he waves his little pink wand, these same fools will scream about wage depression and the fact that Juan, who is now suddenly 'legal', is competing for his job at a union shop.
The media is surprised that one of the chosen "D's" now acts like a spoiled, petulant child when asked real questions. Kind of like Barry.
It's gotten to where I cannot watch him speak anymore. I haven't watched a single speech he has given since the 2012 election.
The media will cover for him even more now. They have virtually no credibility with the public anymore. Had they not treated him with kid gloves in 2012, he would certainly have lost.
As Barrycare is fully implemented, assuming it ever is, the impact on the economy will become much more pronounced. All the families who have their insurance expense's shifted to a greater degree from the employer to the employee, that money has to come from somewhere. Which means less money for cars, tvs, vacations, movies, restaurants, etc. We've heard the first rumbles of thunder for what will turn out to be a really big thunderstorm.
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