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He wants a Special Prosecutor so that they will all lawyer up and shut up. As soon as a Special Prosecutor is appointed, anyone the House calls to testify will refuse to answer anything. Another trick to run out the clock until 2016.
I have yet to see a single picture of an illegal that made them look like 'refugee's'. They all look well fed and clothed. They made it through Mexico in the summer, so someone has been providing food and water to them. Soon as they get across the border, them Dems will get them signed up for welfare, food stamps, and a phone to call home and encourage others to come up. They might also mention our non existent voter id laws and how we have elections coming up...
Fauxcahontas sold out pretty quick Comrade Occupiers....
If there had been 23 illegals on that plane Barry would have assembled his National Security Team to offer free housing, welfare, a phone, free insurance, food stamps, and an EBT card to the next of kin.
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Sen. Warren Embraces 'Pugnacious' Populism

Rmkdbq Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 2:31 PM
Fauxcahontas has accomplished nothing outside academia. We have had a president for the last 5.5 years with no executive or business experience and see how that's worked for us. Why would we want to elect a socialist from the NE?
It is impossible to take someone seriously when they have hair like that.
What, specifically, has she accomplished that would make ANYONE want to listen to her speak?
Silly illegals!! Once Barry has gotten you inside this country he is done with you. Visit your local Democrat office to find out the list of deceased voters whose vote you will be casting this Fall. Then don't forget your SNAP, TANF, housing voucher, Obamaphone, and a list of local Dr's that will sign off on you disability claim.
Unless and until EVERYONE has some skin in the game things will not change. The system has become so rottenly corrupt it may not be salvageable.
Things are going exactly according to the liberal plan: get as many people as possible hooked on welfare and you have a guaranteed voter for life. Liberals are too stupid to see the monster they have created.
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