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Exactly how they pay for their other leftist sht burger's. Borrowing.
Should he do this in addition to amnesty, the case for impeachment will be irrefutable. Removal from office via impeachment should now be a realistic goal.
At least they are now openly being honest about being Socialists.
Barry's fix will be a special exemption for school district's. Screw the small business that has to cope with this, he is gonna take care of his homie's.
Yet another doom and gloom rumor from the left is discredited.
There may be a slight glimmer of hope for our future. When young people see how they actually have to pay for all the pie-in-the-sky garbage that liberals want, they may reject the statist model liberals envision.
Now this worthless race-baiting pos 'Attorney General' doesn't think the Missouri State Medical Examiner is competent to perform an autopsy? His next move is to allow only blacks to investigate this...
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Is the Criminal Justice System Racist?

Rmkdbq Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 1:39 PM
How does the fact that there are many minorities working within the justice system factor into the equation? A white officer that arrests a black man should be viewed no differently than a black officer arresting a white man. Or a black DA, judge, etc. A crime is a crime.
Stop spending MY money so freely to import garbage from Central America. Let them fix their own countries, instead of breaking ours.
Coming soon to a school district near you: MS-13 recruit's shaking down kid's for lunch money. Drastic cuts to music and theater programs so that they can hire teacher's to translate for the kid's. Remember this in November.
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