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Never forget that the Dems have a few tricks to play. Crooked poll workers in Ohio, dead people voting in Illinois, and precincts with 110% turnout in Pennsylvania.
Fk U Barry. You did amnesty. We are gonna shove this one down your leftie throat.
Succinct and very true!
I would agree with most points in the article except the statistic about 20% degree completion in 2 years is a bit misleading. If you work full time and attend school part time or have to take classes only when you are able to pay for them it will take longer to complete your degree. A minor point, to be sure, but one to be considered.
I was last there about 3 years ago and it was literally an open sewer. There was an unmistakable stench of sewage and garbage present. I have no intention of ever going back.
The party of criminals and thugs, formerly known as the Democrat party, wants chaos and racial tension. What they are doing to New York they would like to do to all of America.
Make it complete by adding a Democrat voter registration form also.
I get the feeling we have reached a tipping point in race relations where it may not be possible to peacefully co-exist.
This might be the event that snaps them out of the rectal-cranial inversion. Anecdotally, I have noticed that the usual lefties that I have in my family have not spouted off on FB as they usually do in mindless support of The One.
With Barry's little amnesty about to put serious downward pressure on wages for working-class whites I think the Dems can forget about winning their vote anytime in the foreseeable future.
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