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Just do your job your the boss you pay them or we do.Do your job or get out of my house now
lies lies and more lies same old same old.
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Obama's Laser Focus on Climate Change

rmiller Wrote: Jun 25, 2013 11:37 AM
don't congress pay the EPA
you need ID to buy a fishing lic here in PA
McCain or Gram there day will come
See you in HELL Rubino
We all have to vote. It's better then lock and load witch my come soon
Yeah we are a Nation of laws sure we are
That's great fruition ok but it about to change real soon like every thing else and if your to educated to fed pigs get eggs kill hungry coyotes and the likes I may not spell good but I will be just fine up here in the woods
Every ones good at something. Shut-up and try to learn something in this new world smart a$$
Do you know how hard it will be to straighten this out . Looks like I wont have to worry about ole age killing me
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