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Black Christian Theology is different than regular Evangelical theology, in that all morality is ignored in favor of their cultural inner-city norms. Witness how some black districts continually send their criminally-minded legislators back to DC. When the voter pool widens, say like for senators, less blacks get into the legislature. Basically, Odumma got in (twice) because of his color and his propensity to lie and to give stuff away.
Pecospete, you da man! You said all the way it is happening, no one can add more!
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Why Michigan Matters

rmendoza Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 1:01 PM
I remember when my dad was a member of the labor union in N.Mex. back in the 60's. They would round up all the workers and tell them they had to vote for Democrats, and if they didn't wish to, to vote communist, as "they can't win anyway". They also added that if they didn't vote "you won't qualify for Social Security"! The workers then would believe that the Hod Carriers' Union "is on our side"! Unions are still pulling that kind of stuff in varying ways!
How can the American Public determine where the "debate" was going if one guy had a donkey braying over his shoulder non-stop? Aside from That bringer-downer, it seems to me as if uncle Joe actually KNEW what question was coming next! You doubt me? Just dwell on this; Liberals have one core belief, and that is that "the end justifies the means"! I see that weasel Axelrod's grimey fingerprints all over this one!
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