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You are a fool and have no idea what conservatives want. Go over to huffpo and spew your lies. We are interested with the truth here, not your liberal drivel.
I wouldn't want to have to wrestle around with a naked aids activist. I don't blame the police for asking them to get dressed!
Logic like this is why we got stuck with Obamacare in the first place. You have no clue how an economy works.
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What You Can't Say

RMcGadden Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 5:51 AM
It seems to me that the writer of an article has the distinct privilege of deciding what question it is that he is attempting to answer. If you have a different question you want answered, than research it. You could even write an article about it if you want!
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Poll: Romney, Obama Tied in Ohio

RMcGadden Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 7:59 AM
A few weeks ago, Obama was up in the RCP electoral college count by 50 points. Today Romney leads 206 to 201. Obama is going down, and Romney is going up. Doesn't look good for "the One" does it?
The typical "Fox News" cheap shot. You liberal trolls are so predictable. You need to get some new schtick. That one is worn out. Show some originality.
Ummm. . . you have just perfectly described the Democrats, not Republicans. That's the worst job of projection I have seen in a long time. Well done troll!!
Absolutely the most stunningly absurd and insensitive comment I have seen on this article. Do you really think his diary got him killed? If so, you are freely demonstrating how unbelievably stupid you really are. The ambassador's death was an act of terror, of which the administration had plenty of advance warning, and did NOTHING to prevent. Once again, the Obama administration has American blood on it's hands, and is just lying to cover it up. I have been reading foreign news publications to get the truth, instead of the administration mouthpiece US news media. It is time for us to recognize his absolute incompetence, and throw him out in November. Then it will be time to start investigations into who knew what and when.
There is a huge flaw in your theory. It is the flaw that is also why Biden has not already, and will not be replaced. Your theory requires the recognition by Obama, that Biden has screwed up, probably in an illegal manner. That would obviously mean that Biden was a poor choice in the first place. Obama cannot admit that he made a mistake, (other than admitting not being able to make us unenlightened minions understand his complete excellentness) therefore he cannot possibly use your scenario as a credible ruse. It would require him to do something that is truly impossible for a narcissist of his level.
Not buying it. I watched 2 years ago as the teachers union in my city colluded with a lame-duck school board to force a 6 year contract down the throats of the taxpayers, against 70% community opposition. In the process, when the union rep was shown the figures proving it would bankrupt the system, he just shrugged. A year later, it forced the closing of a high school, which caused such an uproar. the school district had 1200 students move away, or pay to enroll in surrounding systems. teachers unions are the bane of public education.
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Those Polls, That Biden

RMcGadden Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 5:17 AM
Actually, it's a brilliant ploy by the Republicans. Obama's huge ego will not allow him to appear to be taking political advice from Republicans, especially Sarah Palin. They have probably tricked Obama into sticking with Biden with these comments.
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