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Didn't mean to flag this post, just meant to reply. These ridiculous type of comments do nothing to advance debate. If you want to be absurdly picky about unimportant semantics when there are actual important issues to be discussed, head over to huff-po. They specialize in that type of mindless misdirection. I am interested in policies and solutions, not semantics.
Are you too stupid to understand the difference between not applauding someone's statement, and forcing them into brain washing-er retraining classes for that statement?
Nobody is acting like it is the first time. I believe WHENEVER there is evidence of malfeasance on the part of a politician of ANY party, there should be investigation. It should be a felony to withhold information from investigators or to lie to investigators, just like it is for us minions. It is shameful the way democrats are fine with lying, and withholding documents, as long as their incompetent leader is protected.
Are you too stupid to realize that a UNCW is a STATE university, which means it is necessary for the university to follow the constitution, INCLUDING freedom of religion. You see, contrary to popular liberal ideology, the first amendment actually PROTECTS his beliefs, and the university has NO RIGHT to try to suppress them, or punish him for them.
This is a stupid and pointless reply. If you want more information, please feel free to type whatever keywords you like into "Google" and hit enter. No one owes you footnotes to their comments.
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5 Ways Liberals Make War on Women

RMcGadden Wrote: Feb 15, 2014 6:02 AM
Flagged for being stupid, irrelevant and off topic. Go away fool.
I am pretty conservative, but "3 strikes" was a baseball rule. It should never have been used as the basis for a sentencing law. 3 Strikes laws are bad laws that should be removed from the books.
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Politics Versus Education

RMcGadden Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 5:27 AM
The big fallacy in your premise (that administrators must back the teachers) is typical of the opinions of . . .teachers. Unfortunately, that concept punishes students and parents wrongfully, in the event a teacher oversteps their legitimate authority. And this happens way too often. This concept is only correct if we weed out the bad teachers, of which there are many. Administrators must have the freedom and intestinal fortitude to do what is right, not necessarily what the "teacher" says.
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I’m A Traffic Survivor

RMcGadden Wrote: Jan 12, 2014 6:50 AM
Of course he didn't. His bludgeon of choice is the IRS. It can be more precisely targeted.
State exchange or federal,it is still directly caused by Obamacare. The lousy federal website is only a symptom of the bigger debacle. You apparently are the idiot if you cannot see that. It must be rough going through life without connected brain cells.
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