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On Roe v. Wade

rmccarthy Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 1:39 AM
Doing the absolute right thing is too difficult for most...not to judge them but with understanding as to why people do destructive things. I can only do what I can as far as hoping not to contribute to someone having an abortion or helping them afterwards while others want to condemn and go to war and not see the bigger picture. It's all in the Bible but most people don't understand what Jesus was all about (including the speck and log and the woman caught in adultery).
jimmylynn Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 6:41 AM
I'd be willing to bet that you even believe that you are "good" in addition to understanding what Jesus was all about.

On this fortieth anniversary, let's pray: For the more than 55,000,000 lives that have been snuffed out by abortion, for the women (and men) who have suffered emotional or psychological trauma as a result of abortion, for those who heal and comfort them, for those who help women choose life, and even for those who think that having a "right" to end the lives of unborn children is something to celebrate.

There are circumstances where abortion may be a sad necessity or justifiable (life of the mother, rape, incest).  But it's hard to see how anyone can feel...