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Libya and Lies

rmccarthy Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 11:58 PM
Mr O' is a decent guy but when he is wrong there are few who are smart enough to correct him and that's why he is so successful - the pool is full of small fish.
Deniser55 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 4:40 PM
A lot of Congressmen and Senators made millions off the stock market and Fannie and Freddie and they still are. It's called Insider Trading and it's illegal.
Deniser55 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 4:37 PM
to fall causing a balance sheet problem at the banks because they loaned money on a derivative that was worth say $100,000. and now that same derivative is now 1/2 what i was worth because one person(mortgage) defaulted on their mortgage. ALL of it was Govt fault. BTW, they also made Bank of America the fall guy because they were forced into the purchase of Countrywide(remember? congressional hearing) I think they hoped to use BOA as the dumping ground for all of the Bad derivatives, but everything fell apart before hand. Just ask Timothy Geithner, he was treasury sec of New York at the time. Bill O Reilly not looking at the full picture.
Deniser55 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 4:29 PM
BUT, Bill O'Reilly himself says he's a "simple man" and we all know that he is behind on many of the issues he reports. Maybe Bill should stop being so "simple" and start using media more, like twitter, Facebook etc.

Duke. I agree that the Govt insistence of the banks approving no document (no Doc) mortgages to people who couldn't afford them was what collapsed the stock market, BUT the investment banks were taking high risks in derivative markets. When Fannie/Freddie bundled the mortgages(100 mortgages= 1 derivative) they were rated as AAA, once the interest rates on the Adjustable rate mortgages increased, the home owners payment went up. Maybe they were paying 500/month and pay increased to 700/month. Causing the derivatives rating
It was a little much when President Barack Obama said that he was "offended" by the suggestion that his administration would try to deceive the public about what happened in Benghazi. What has this man not deceived the public about?

Remember his pledge to cut the deficit in half in his first term in office? This was followed by the first trillion dollar deficit ever, under any President of the United States -- followed by trillion dollar deficits in every year of the Obama administration.

Remember his pledge to have a "transparent" government that would post its legislative proposals on the Internet several...