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For every just cause there will be shysters. And for every just cause there will be the ill-informed whose zeal wreaks any chance of good happening. To the extent that the wisdom of God offered by Jesus is ignored or confused, there will be no peace. Why, we were once told that women and children were the victims of men - men were no kind of victim. And we were told to believe the children - and they learned to lie. The real reasons people suffer and the real answers to their plight is even more evident as so many insist on proving Jesus correct while so few offer the proper help and understanding.
Everything we do proves Jesus correct and us mostly not. Take some of that proof and be compassionate and empathetic with others and do good rather than prove your ignorance.
Andy: You forget the "Speck vs Log" Matthew 7:3?
Others will let you down and you will surely disappoint yourself. Jesus is my hero. Note: Bill Cosby said "Enis was my hero." The selfish pursuit of fame and riches and the abuse of the power it gives a person like Mr Cosby proves the Bible correct in many ways.
Sexual abuse of all sorts is so insidious precisely because it uses fear, shame, and guilt combined with sometimes vague or lack of evidence against the victim - a victim often desperate and susceptible to perpetrators. Mr Cosby's fame and riches were a gift of peoples regard for him and can be withdrawn as easily as it was given to him.
Big 07: You insist on attacking based on a false conclusion concerning me. However, assuming the worst about me would still not hinder the truth that Jesus freely gives to all - it actually makes it more powerful. Thank you Jesus.
It is oh so true that I also am a sinner. However, I freely admit to my transgressions and tell the truth when confronted and look to the Godly wisdom of Jesus to grow less ignorant and more loving. Mr Cosby doesn't seem to follow such a path and his advice to fellow blacks and others is shallow as it is based solely on worldly success to which he is deemed to have achieved and has abused.
Who is more wrong matters little.
Civilization and education are basically myths perpetuated by the worldly who then battle the uncivilized and uneducated in an endless battle where both sides lack the wisdom of Jesus. Only a few who truly seek the truth ever find the joy that comes from realizing that Jesus is correct and we are mostly not.
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Ferguson—Michael Brown Got Justice

rmccarthy Wrote: Nov 23, 2014 10:22 PM
Peoples of all sorts have a way of messing up just about everything there is. That's the Worldly reality that confronts each and every one of us ever born. Who is your God or Leader is the relevant question. How you react to something reveals the answer. Make the best of this mess called life with true wisdom and love or create more victims for others to help and love.
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Soldiering and Christ

rmccarthy Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 12:40 PM
I am a Veteran who enlisted during Vietnam I am also a born again Christian The reality is that we have government and we have soldiers because of ungodliness of our enemies and of ourselves. Life is struggle, as stated and described in the Bible - and the answers might be accepted through trust or experience or not at all. Forgive and help the "not at all crowd."
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