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A community that does not honor the rule of law in the first place will find no rule of law in the second place. And God & Nature will be proved correct. Many in Ferguson need to examine the logs in their eyes and seek the truth that will surely set them free.
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Is Law Optional?

rmccarthy Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 12:05 AM
I usually do not have to search my memories too long before coming to a recollection of doing some wrong deed or having some wrong thought about some drama of some sort or another. I have made mistakes and learned from them. There's learning the easy way, the hard way, or not at all...and it's pretty darn certain that babies (or as I like to refer to them as "new dummies born every day") will continue to show up and to do varying measures of all three. Thank God I am only half as dum as I used ta be.
Yes, parents have a unique position that begs to be honored and/or respected. However, there is also a great difference between LOVING and LIKING. Jesus said to love your enemy - to want the best for them, regardless. To some real degree, we are all ignorant sinners and need patience and understanding such as that of Jesus.
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Who Is Killing Off Black Americans

rmccarthy Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 10:44 PM
Testing the police with bad behavior and bad attitudes and lack of cooperation and respect will surely get you bad results and make it easy to put total blame on the ones we count on to keep any level of peace at all. I could easily blame the police for this and the schools for that and totally miss the opportunity to do what I should. However, I chose to listen to the wise advice of Jesus than to go down in the flames of martyrdom. There are plenty of reasons for bad behavior...but no good excuses.
What with the NFL suspending people for misbehavin off the field and the huge influx of Latinos due to Mr Obama's actions saturatin the job market, what is a black kid got to look forward to? I see even more trouble ahead. For a while we all thought a black family could happen - then, Coz gets smeared all over the papers and Tiger is less of a hero to some and I suppose more of a hero to others. It's such a crazy world...which makes this mental guy feel a little less different and possibly more accepted as a fellow looney.
Perhaps it relates to "The truth will set you free" and then you be more likely to "Love thy neighbor"
I have admittedly learned many things the hard way, some things the easy way, and (unlike some I keep reading about) try to avoid the not learn at all. God and His Nature's laws gives us great opportunities to both learn and to have compassion and empathy towards our fellow humans (sinners).
Poor big Michael was just walkin down the street...and many other lies and excuses, makes him the most innocent person ever and the policeman the most vile, evil, and guilty.
Seems that Ferguson has no monopoly on ignorant.
Wonderful. There's always an answer to computer problems...and it only occasionally involves a hammer.
For every just cause there will be shysters. And for every just cause there will be the ill-informed whose zeal wreaks any chance of good happening. To the extent that the wisdom of God offered by Jesus is ignored or confused, there will be no peace. Why, we were once told that women and children were the victims of men - men were no kind of victim. And we were told to believe the children - and they learned to lie. The real reasons people suffer and the real answers to their plight is even more evident as so many insist on proving Jesus correct while so few offer the proper help and understanding.
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