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A Jew Tours for Romney

rmccarthy Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 11:49 PM
The GOP (& maybe, Mr Prager) are like parents who mostly know what is right but are stern and inflexible and do not fully understand God's wisdom. Both the left and the right have some valid points but, lately, can't seem to work with each other. God allows the principle of "sowing & reaping" to do most of the work and admonishes us to be careful in judging and avoid things like anger and vengeance. More charity would not be a bad thing - however, it seems most on both sides want a lot more than necessities. Just as opportunities to do as God advises is available in any gov't setting, either side can apply God's wisdom any time the wish (but they don't seem to get it much). IMHO.
I spent the last week of October speaking to thousands of Mitt Romney supporters in four "battleground" states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Virginia. I travelled with my Salem Radio Network colleagues Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved, and the actor Jon Voight, one of the few Hollywood stars who is a politically outspoken conservative.

During the tour, I often wished that every American Jew could have seen and heard what was said about Jews and Israel and how much time was devoted to Jews and Israel. The two non-Jews, Jon Voight and Hugh Hewitt, and whoever was the moderator (in no...

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