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Why would Al Sharpton be at the WH at all unless he is being held up as an example and representative to a broader coalition.. a coalition defined by racial demographics. Why is Al there so much and not say, the actual elected representatives?
"Our kids are far too sheltered and they aren't prepared for real life" Exactly! How can anyone learn life skills for dealing with conflict or being told no if they are never allowed to practice?
Just throwing a bunch of words out there and pretending there is some story of censorship behind them is a terrible debate tactic. Reagan... the "right" loves to talk about Reagan and I have seen no large boycotts for anyone slamming Ronnie. Climate Change.. not sure what playbook you are reading from, but most "deniers" want MORE debate on the subject, not less. The only verified attempts at censorship that I have seen, have come from the IPCC and their enablers The Flag.. Yes, trying to make flag burning a crime is wrong, no matter how much it offends others War on Terror.. What? What about it? You want to cite some specifics please? God and the Bible.. Again, are you just throwing out things randomly or do you have specifics to back up your claims? God and the Bible are enduring ever increasing levels of skepticism and ridicule. 9-11.. Again? Anything to really say here? What about 9/11 cannot be discussed? The rest of your conjecture filled post is also lacking in substance. Though your "point" may be valid, your examples undermine your attempt at making it.
This administration has lied repeatedly, openly, and often. I am not talking about nuances in political spin or unintended outcomes from policy promises (shovel ready jobs). I am talking about bald faced lies where they KNEW they were lying. Fast and Furious, the Benghazi YouTube video, Obamacare promises, etc.. There is a difference between expected political posturing and openly deceiving the American people... This administration's primary filter is political and it has caused a good deal of harm. BTW, anyone from Illinois is familiar with these tactics. and before someone shouts WMD's and Bush, consider that the same intelligence groups trying to unravel that puzzle purposely put forward by Saddam which had duped Clinton and other countries as well... also still missed on the Boston Marathon bombers, ISIS, and Russian intentions in Ukraine. Respectfully...
Heaven forbid we keep more of what we earn instead of seeing it laundered through the Federal beauracracy where we get minimal return on the dollar. You know, those GW tax cuts? Why did Obama extend over 90% of them permanently if they were so bad? It's the spending that is the big problem.. not the temporary spikes from conflict or natural disasters or economic stimulus. It is the spending on entrenched, ongoing liabilities that have no end date that drag the economy. Everyone knows they need reform, yet instead of reform for SS or Medicare, etc... we got a shiny brand new anchor for the economy called Obamacare. Concerns over spending should start with those things.
You either choose to learn from history or ignore it. Though I do not recall Hitler or Germans openly calling for the murder of Jews, the lesson can still apply. A lot of people slept on the Nazis until the problem was too great for a containment strategy. Millions of Jews died from the inaction of leaders. Another reason WWII is used in reference so much is because the history is well understood in America. Throwing in references to Charlemagne isn't going to appeal to that many readers. His use of WWII does not destroy the argument at all.
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