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The Obama Recession

rman859 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 12:58 PM
Get ready folks Double Dip for New Years!!!! Unemployment will be 9% and rising, hitting Obama voters higher than the average citizen. The middle east in FLAMES, Gas going thru the roof (we are number 1 in oil reserves, but a few spotted owls might be annoyed, so forget that.) ObozoeCare crushed Jobs, economy goes into depression. 65% on food stamps. Obama hires TWINKIE union to fill 16,000 IRS jobs for bozocare. But he people have spoken or rather the CHILDREN have taken over.

Full time work is about to get scarcer. The reason? By hiring part-time workers who put in less than 30 hours per week, employers can avoid a mandate dictated by the new health reform law: either provide expensive health insurance or pay a fine equal to $2,000 per worker. Avoiding the mandate becomes even more attractive for low-wage employees, since they can get highly subsidized insurance in the newly created health insurance exchanges. According to the Wall Street Journal:

Darden Restaurants [parent of Red Lobster and Olive Garden] was among the first companies to say it was changing...